Your Dish Might be Made by a Robot in the Future


[iframe id=""] Robots have already replaced humans in many areas of jobs that might unsafe or routine such as bomb diposal robots or assembly line robots. Recently however, robots may be taking over a new area: the restaurant insdustry.

During the Robotics Challenge in California early June, teams competed using robots that could perform tasks that may simple for a human to do, but complex for a robot.

Such tasks included climbing up steps, doing mechanical work, and driving a vehicle. Toward the end of the competition, a team from South Korea won first place with their robot called DRC-Hubo, while teams from the United States placed second and third place.

The attention towards robots however went to a technology show in Tokyo, Japan where people were awed by robots preparing sushi, baked pastries, and cooked snacks.

A spokesperson, Akihiro Suzuki, advocated for this by saying "robots cannot do everything a human can, but they are able to work without becoming tired" and that "if a food can be easily prepared, a robot can repeat the same movement to reproduce the same meal."

Someday, you might see a robot preparing a sushi roll the next time you step into a sushi restaurant.