What's Happening at Harri HQ: May 2017

May was a busy month at Harri HQ! Keep reading for some of the exciting product enhancements we rolled out last month that are improving hospitality businesses around the world.

TeamLive Group Communications

If you like WhatsApp, you’ll love this highly-requested feature, available for web, iOS, and Android, which gives TeamLive users the ability to create communication groups by location. Additionally, managers and employers now have the ability to create custom groups based on position, allowing teams to stay in touch.

TeamLive Variance Reports

Variance reports are crucial for businesses to analyze comparisons between projected and actual numbers; such as labor costs and sales. Using TeamLive Variance Reports, employers can dive deep into their businesses through a number of filters, including date and location.

I-9 Expiration Report

Compliance is a hot-button issue in the hospitality industry, as evidenced by this recent story. Harri offers carefree compliance, allowing managers to view a list of expired and expected-to-expire I-9’s within a business or location. This enables managers to take action immediately, potentially saving thousands of dollars in costly fines.

Harri Hire App

The candidate drop-off rate in the hiring funnel can be as high as 70%. Our app, available for both iOS and Android, allows employers to hire on the go and significantly reduce overall time-to-hire wit the added ability to schedule interviews, download resumes/CVs, and call candidates directly while screening them.

Hiring Manager Access Portal (HMAP)

This innovative tool puts power back in the hands of hiring managers, allowing them to group and access multiple accounts via a single sign-on portal (additionally, they can define multiple levels of hierarchy and view or assign jobs in a granular manner).

Work-in-State Logic

This new feature addresses a pain point amongst D.C. employers, who often aren’t sure which state withholding they should share with new hires (many of whom come from Maryland or Virginia in addition to D.C.). This feature uses the address on the I-9 form sent to send the proper state withholding form(s) to the new hire to fill out.

Right To Work

Did you know that Harri is a global company? Giving businesses in the U.K. the ability to verify that their potential hires are eligible to work is a crucial feature. We created a solve for this via a custom lane that can be added in between the interview and custom lanes. As the manager moves the candidate through the lanes, they can request to be provided with ready-to-work documents. Best of all, our digitally-minded platform is completely paperless, allowing applicants and managers to upload, verify, and e-sign the documents.