How to Retain Your Best Employees


Hiring is a challenge, but so is making your employees happy and having them stay. When you lose your top talent, it disrupts your business' day-to-day operations and hurts your bottom line. You don't want either to happen, so here are some helpful pieces of advice in retaining your best workers:

#1: Listen to feedback from your employees.

Like your customers, your employees are important too. Hear them out and evaluate their commentary. Suggestions from your employees can be beneficial for your business.

#2: Let your staff know about promotions.

Employees want to have stability, a chance to move up in ranks and room for growth. Also, if people think that if they have a future at their workplace, they tend stay onboard longer. If possible, provide on-going training for staff, so the sense of continual learning is instilled.

#3: Reward and incentivize.

When you compensate your employees properly, they will feel more content working. They will be less likely to leave their positions as quickly as well. Give them the opportunity to earn bonuses at the end of the year for producing great service and effort.

#4: Understand work-life balance.

Your staff have lives beyond the restaurant doors. Be understanding and set a manageable schedule. On average, those who work in the industry full-time consider a schedule of working five days, with two consecutive days off, as a good balance.

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