How to Answer "What Is Your Biggest Weakness?"



"What is your biggest weakness?" is one of the most commonly asked job interview questions, and probably one of the most difficult to answer. Surely, you do not want to talk down about yourself, since it gives off a bad vibe. However, you can't just say you don't have one; nobody is perfect. So here are some helpful tips in approaching this stressful question:

#1: Be prepared.

Again, like mentioned before, everybody has flaws. Hiring managers want candidates to acknowledge that they have weaknesses or things they can work on and potentially overcome. If you have a hard time thinking up of a weakness, create a list–things you are great at, and others that you may need more help with.

#2: Keep it relative to work.

Stay on topic and keep it work-related. You want to remain professional, so avoid irrelevant answers and make sure the weakness you mention is applicable to the role you are applying for.

#3: Don't mention essential skills.

Although you want to mention a weakness that is closely related to you work, do not state skills that are crucial to the job. For example, you definitely do not want to say that you are bad at juggling multiple tasks when you are interviewing for a restaurant server or hosting job.

#4: Remember the S.T.A.R. method.

The S.T.A.R. method stands for: Situation or TaskActions and Results. First, think of a situation or task where you faced a problem. Then, point out what actions you took to deal with it. Lastly, discuss what the end result was, and analyze whether or not you made an improvement or came to a resolution.

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