A Step-By-Step Guide: Talent Pool


At last, you can organize your candidates all in one place!  

The Harri Talent Pool gives you the ability to create a categorized list of ideal candidates by tags. Allowing you to create up to 20 different tags to streamline your search and attain the best people for your available positions. Using our filters, you can narrow down your Shortlist by on tags to find your perfect employee.  Let's go through all the steps of how Talent Pool can help you hire more efficiently.

1) Select the Talent Pool Icon  From the Harri.com homepage, select "Talent Pool" on the upper right-hand corner of the page.  

2) Create Your Tags and Go To Your "Shortlist" Customize up to 20 different tags to organize your candidates to make it easier to share with your team and invite to apply to certain positions or locations

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.21.32 PM.png

3) Choose Candidates for Talent Pool Once you are in your Shortlist, select the candidates you want to add to your "Talent Pool" (Note: Have your tags in mind while selecting applicants) 

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.22.33 PM.png

4) Assign Tags to Candidates Add tags to the candidates you selected, you may add up to 5 tags per candidate.  Doing so will make it easier for you and your team to search for candidates, and note who you have screened previously.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.24.09 PM.png

5) Return to Talent Pool and Double Check your Tags Once you're back in your Talent Pool, double check your tags to ensure that each candidate is labeled correctly.  This is also your chance to edit and remove tags, before the next step.  

5a) Make Notes for HR Team and Managers If you go into candidates' profiles directly you may add notes to inform your team and managers.  This gives little more guidance to the people interviewing candidates, but may not be screening them.    

 6) Invite Candidates to Apply for Available Positions When all candidates are labeled and noted, you may proceed to invite them to apply for the open jobs.  While we provide you with a template to message your applicants, you are free to customize this.  (Adding payrate, hours and benefits is highly encouraged here)


Is there a limit to the number of tags?

You are able to create up to 20 different tags for your Talent Pool. In addition, you may assign up to 5 tags to a specific candidate.

Will Talent Pool be sorted by tags?

Your Talent Pool will not be sorted by tags. Using our smart filters on the left-hand side of the page, you’re able to narrow down results based on tags, position, years experience, availability, and more.

When I create a tag, is it automatically assigned to the user?

Tags are not automatically assigned. Simply click on the newly created tag to add this label to a candidate.

Can I share my Talent Pool shared with anyone else?

Your Talent Pool can be accessed by anyone with a login for one of your brands.

How do I add notes to a candidate?

When you select a member from Search & Connect, click the “Notes” icon on the right hand side. Simply type anything you wish to save to a candidate’s card and click “Add notes”. Notes can be viewed by anyone with a login for one of your brands, as well as who posted the note and when it was added.

How do I contact people in my Talent Pool?

From your Talent Pool, click “Select” under each candidate icon that you wish to communicate with. On the top right of the page, click “Invite to Apply” and select the position from a dropdown menu. Type a message and click the “Invite” button to send your response.

Using Talent Pool, you’re able to create a customized list of top hospitality professionals who are the perfect fit for both current and future openings with your company. This new feature is another way for you to collaborate with your colleagues to build the most qualified team of talent for each of your brands.

Happy Hiring! 

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Welcome to your new Smart Talent Dashboard

Work the way you think. Maximize workforce productivity, contain labor costs and run a more efficient operation by accessing all your sourcing, hiring and management tools in one place.

Your Smart Talent Dashboard includes the following modules:

  • My Team: View your entire staff within your organization in one place. As you add new employees to your team, their details will be stored here.
  • Scheduling: Set and assign shifts for multiple locations without ever running into overlapping issues with TeamLive™.
  • Hiring: All of our hiring tools found in the previous version of your dashboard can be found here. Manage your live jobs, keep track of your new applicants, message from candidates and move them through to interview.
  • Communication: Ditch email and text messaging. Send photos or messages, and inform them of the latest company updates in a fun, newsfeed-style format.
  • Interviews: Schedule and confirm interviews with candidates easily in this module. Keep track of applicant attendance with our Manifest.
  • My Documents: Your digital filing cabinet is here. Access and retrieve all your employee’s paperwork with just a few clicks.
  • On-boarding: Digitally send new hire documents like company policies, I-9s and more. New hires will then e-sign documents and your paperwork will be stored in the cloud.

Learn how to navigate the new dashboard with the following tutorial: 

Harri Wins NYC Hospitality Alliance's Technology Award

It's hard to deny the fact that New York City is the hospitality capital of the world. With over 24,000+ restaurants, bars, nightclubs and such, the industry would be nothing without its passionate professionals, working tirelessly day in and day out. So to celebrate, the NYC Hospitality Alliance hosted an awards ceremony to recognize the industry's achievements. 

Andrew Rigie, the Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, said, "It was an amazing night. We are a passionate industry and it’s important to recognize the hard work and dedication these individuals and businesses put into their craft. Hospitality is an art, and we are so proud to honor and celebrate their contributions.”

Team Harri was in attendance at the event, which was held at the iconic nightclub, Marquee New York. Awards that were presented included Big Apple Legacy Award, Four Stars Award, I ❤ Hospitality Award and others.

Harri was nominated for the Technology Award along with notable names, like ADP, delivery.com, Paycom and more. The award acknowledges the contributions of a technology platform and how it enhances the way the hospitality industry operates. (See here for the entire list of award winners and nominations.)

We were amongst other innovative platforms in our category, but we are proud to announce that Harri took home the Technology Award. The award is a reminder of how much work we have done so far. It also gives us motivation to develop even greater features and products to service the needs of the industry, both employers and employees. 

Big thanks again to the NYC Hospitality Alliance on the successful night and the award! 

Meet Mikel, Harri’s 200K Member

Late last year, we introduced to you Ronnie, Harri’s 150K member. That was an amazing milestone in itself, but as our platform has evolved, we have grown to a community of now over 200K+. So meet Mikel, our lucky 200K member.

Mikel, an executive chef with more than 20 years of experience, found Harri by chance. He had taken a short break from his career to travel, but he is now ready to get back to doing what he loves, and is looking for new opportunities.


At first, I just went with it because Spain, where I come from, is famous and known for its Michelin-star restaurants. Besides that, I grew up in the countryside with my grandma, spending time there during the weekends and summers. I was basically living in the kitchen; it was the heart of the house. She had a traditional, wood-fired stove and it was my favorite part of the house. My mother learned from her as well.


I started my career working front-of-the-house when I was 16, and I moved up until I was a GM by age 26. I went on to attend culinary school at Escuela de Hostelería de Barcelona, while working as GM. After completing my degree, I started working in the kitchen and never left.


Making people happy. From the way I cook and also not just cooking for myself, but for others. It is my main secret to being successful and loving what I do. The most important thing for me is to make people feel happy from what they eat.


I found Harri randomly while looking online for work. I was directed to Harri. Harri offers executive and management positions from awesome restaurants, unlike Craigslist and LinkedIn. When you look for a job on Harri, you do not feel like you are thrown onto a rollercoaster, where you do not know where you are or where you will end up. Also, on Harri, employers are always quick to respond to job seekers.


I could not even believe it at first, since I was in Barcelona when Team Harri reach out to me. I thought it was a joke, but then I realized it was really true. I was impressed and wanted to be a part of your feature.


Since I am a new member and just started using Harri, I have found a few possible opportunities that are opening in the summer.


Employers have responded pretty quickly to my profile. It is very different from the way other job sites hire, which tend to be be pretty complicated, like Taleo, for example. When you apply for positions on Taleo, you probably will get a reply three or four weeks later. In contrast, Harri is able to match job seekers’ profiles to jobs that they qualify for and employers react quickly.


Basically, I only use LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter. I think ZipRecruiter is not as useful because I do not like the way they designed the website; it is a bit more complicated and super impersonal. As for LinkedIn, the basic, free account is not as helpful. I actually got a premium account for the purpose of finding a new job, so that I could access other features, like inMail. But with Harri, these features are free. Harri is also tailored for hospitality professions, where as LinkedIn is more general.


Because I have been traveling so much, I prefer the mobile app more than the actual website. It is easier and it sends me updates pretty often. 


Work hard and be patient, and be honest! There are so many chefs that think that after they finish school in two years, they are a chef. It took me three years after culinary school, working in the kitchen with experienced chefs, to actually learn how to cook properly and respect food. You have a base that you learn from school, but the experience is totally different from a restaurant. They have to understand that they will not be chef right away, you have to work at your craft.



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Harri Surpasses 100K Members!

Harri 100K Member

Back in August of last year, we congratulated Laura for being the 50,000th member. Then in October, we hit 60,000 members. Now... we here at #TeamHarri are proud to announce that we reached OVER 100,000 MEMBERS back in March 2015!

We finally sat down with Rachel, our 100,000th member after busy schedules delayed us from speaking to her sooner to discuss her experience with Harri.

When did you join Harri?

I joined Harri about 5 months ago. I was looking for a way to better project myself while applying for jobs and Harri was the top result on Google. As soon as I finished creating my profile I received about 3 requests to apply for a job within the hour.

What has your experience been in the Hospitality Industry?

I’ve been a Barista for about 3 years now. I’ve worked for Locanda Verde, Intelligencia, Lafayette, and Donna. I’m really focused on making a successful career out of it.

Have you found a job through Harri?

Yes, I found my jobs at both Lafayette and Donna through Harri. They’re both great companies that I really enjoy working for and I’m very excited to be part of each of their teams.

What is your dream job?

I definitely plan on staying in the hospitality industry and it’s my goal to start my own business. My next step is to go to Honduras and work on the farms where they grow coffee. I want to change the way that farmers are being both paid and treated. It’s a very laborious process. Improving work conditions will help the coffee industry in many ways, especially with providing a higher quality product.

How can Harri help achieve your goals?

Harri is a great site for networking and gives you the ability to go beyond just applying for jobs. As Harri grows as a company and as I grow as a professional, I will continue to use the site to take the next steps in my career and even hope to hire staff through Harri when I’m running my own business. I love that I’m able to showcase how I am as a professional and who I am as a person.

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