Find out how the top brands like Tao Group, Eataly, sweetgreen, Nobu, Soho House, The Meatball Shop and more source, hire and manage talent with Harri's TOTAL TALENT SOLUTION, an all-in-one platform built specifically for the hospitality.

With Harri’s digital platform, employers can find and on-board top talent for their business while maximizing productivity, reducing costs and saving time. Harri clients save up to 68% in hiring time and save up to 48% in hiring costs.

Harri’s Total Talent Solution empowers employers to easily:

  • Post unlimited jobs to Harri's network plus post to multiple job boards and receive up to 37MM views with one click.
  • Manage applicants throughout the hiring process on one seamless platform designed for the hospitality industry.
  • Send offer letters and on boarding document digitally to new hires.
  • Create media rich, on-line profiles showcasing their company's culture and therefore, attracting the right type of talent. 

Harri has over 210,000 members and over 3,500 employers based in New York City, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Washington DC. It is the number one marketplace for hospitality talent in NYC.

Harri will be showcasing our best-in-class Total Talent Solution at Start Up Alley at the NRA Show in Chicago May 21-24. If interested in learning more about how Harri can help you with your hiring needs, contact us to schedule a demo.

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Harri is more than just a talent marketplace for hospitality professionals. We are a Total Talent Solution that thoughtfully provides you the technology support you need, when you most need it.

Source, hire, on-board employees and more, all on one dynamic platform, designed for unique hospitality needs by hospitality professionals.  

The many ways Harri is significantly helping countless Enterprise Businesses.

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Webinar: How Technology is Revolutionizing Hospitality Hiring


  Harri’s CEO & Founder, Luke Fryer, recently presented at the NY Hospitality Alliance Tech Conference as the keynote speaker. He discussed how technology is transforming and modernizing the way restaurants hire and job seekers find employment.

On Tuesday, March 3rd at 2:00PM EST, Harri is hosting a webinar to continue the conversation on the growing influence of technology in the hospitality industry, as well as to explain how Harri is using innovative tools to create a more efficient hiring process.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP by clicking the button below. Note that space is limited, so sign up now while there are still seats available.


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Managing Applicants and Group Messaging


Managing Applicants: Using our revolutionary SpeedyScreen™, you’re quickly able to screen applicants by viewing applicants' work experience and availability all in one glance. As an added bonus you can see applicants' personalities through their pictures, 3-word description, and their cover letter videos. Effortlessly sort candidates into groups: Applicant, Proceed, Interview, Hired and Pass.  After reviewing applications, you can send messages to each group, inviting all qualified candidates to an interview or giving them additional details  Then for any candidates you pass on, utilize group messaging to send them a customized rejection letter. 

Categorizing Your Applicants:

  1. From your Dashboard select the job you wish to review applicants for
  2. Click on the first application to enter SpeedyScreen
  3. After reviewing their details, use the buttons under their image to make them a candidate, pass, or schedule an interview.
  4. Click on the right arrow to review the next applicant.

Once you’ve sorted through applications, you’re able to send messages to each group of candidates.

Sending Group Messages:

  1. Check the box next to the group you wish to communicate with
  2. An icon will appear for you to take action on the group
  3. Click on the icon and enter your message
  4. Send away!

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