How to Ask Someone for a Job Reference


Professional job references are essential when looking for a new job. Not only are they great additions to your Harri profile, they will boost your job search efforts by having trusted recommendations. There is a proper etiquette for asking and receiving references.

#1: Ask beforehand.

Be mindful that the person you are asking to vouch for you as a professional may be busy, so ask beforehand. That doesn't mean just the day prior. You should find possible references way in advance, even before your actual job hunt.


#2: Be sure to have options.

There is no guarantee that your first choice can provide you a reference, so gather at least three other names. Remember to get permission from all of them first before you put them down on your profile/job application. In addition, don't forget to choose wisely of who you want as your reference. It is common for previous employers, former colleagues, etc. to be your references. Try your best to select those you know will most likely give you a positive recommendation.

#3: Record information and details accurately.

Make sure you take down your references' full names, contact information, as well as titles, without mistakes. Do stay in contact with your reference via email, phone or through a professional network, especially during the job hunt.

#4: Thank and follow up with your references.

After your reference agrees to help you, send them a thank you note. The best way to do so is with a handwritten card, but a sincere email is also acceptable. Update them on the outcome, as they would be interested on the status too. Following up is a way you can maintain a long-term relationship with your reference.



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