Harri Featured Member: Rachel Perez




"Well I chose a career in hospitality because I've always been great at serving people. And I kind of just fell into it, and then once I fell into it, I never wanted to leave."

Rachel began her career working at Robert De Niro's Greenwich Village restaurant, Locanda Verde. From there, she has moved on to gain experience at Intelligentsia Coffee and Lafayette Grand Cafe & Bakery. As a barista, Rachel is highly familiar with different types of coffee. She would like to use her knowledge and apply it to help the coffee community. One day, she wishes to own coffee farms all around the world, from Central America, South America to Africa. With that, she hopes to produce high quality coffee beans and maintain an exceptional brand and business.

In addition to her passion for coffee, Rachel boasts excellent customer service. She is able to maintain her composure while facing all kinds of people, from people waiting on their early morning coffee to people who speak different languages.

Rachel's other loves include skateboarding and music. She says she is practically on her board all day, because it is her preferred mode of transport. Also, Rachel enjoys attending concerts/music festivals and practicing in garages with her friends. Learn more about Rachel's career by viewing her Harri profile here.