5 Ways to Improve Your Harri Profile


Currently looking for a new job? Before you start applying, first thing you should do is make sure to give your Harri profile a little refresher.


#1: Update your profile and cover photo.

Swap out your old profile photo, and upload a new professional headshot, if possible. (Check out our post, Tips for a Professional Profile Photo, to learn how to take the perfect profile picture.) Customize your profile even more and add a cover photo. It's a great way to show off your personality or your individual talents.


#2: Add new photos or videos.

You probably took some awesome photos last year. Add them to your gallery, so that employers and other job seekers can take a look at your work. Got videos? Sure, include those as well. (Just make sure these are professional.)


#3: List references.

Now that you gained more experience this year, ask your former employers or coworkers to be references. Once you receive approval, put their information onto your profile. These references will come in handy when prospective employers request them.


#4: Update the opportunities you are interested in.

If you want a job that is different from the one you have or previously held, make a small edit under your Basic Information. Remove unwanted positions you are no longer interested, and replace them with your desired positions. This assures you that you will receive alerts for the jobs you want.


#5: Stay up to date with your messages.

Make sure the hard work you put into updating your profile isn't in vain. Remember to respond promptly to employers when they message you. If you don't do so, your profile score can drop and hurt your chances of being spotted by hiring managers. Inform employers that you are no longer interested by politely declining via messaging. For more information about how your message response rate effects your profile score, click here.



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Harri's Kitchen Culture: The Little Beet


[embed]https://vimeo.com/142189433[/embed] For the latest edition of Harri's Kitchen Culture we turn our attention to Chef Franklin Becker and his restaurant “The Little Beet”, to find out what makes it one of the best gluten-free restaurants to work for in the city. Opening its doors in January of 2014 “The Little Beet”  prides itself on preparing 100% gluten-free meals utilizing local, seasonal, and natural ingredients.

Chef Franklin Becker learned to use simple ingredients to create dishes that were both flavorful and healthy. More than a restaurant, The Little Beet embodies the lifestyle of healthy eating with the goal of spreading that lifestyle to others.

Treating its staff as more of a family or team than just employees is one of the many reasons why The Little Beet has such a great workplace dynamic. Food aside, its The Little Beet's loyal team that deserves the credit for its success and popularity. Employees are required to have a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn, with The Little Beet team training them on the ins and outs of the business.

With another location on Long Island and additional locations coming to Park Avenue, NY and Washington DC, it looks like The Little Beet is on a mission to deliver healthy and delicious food to the masses.

See The Little Beet’s page for additional information.

The Little Beet (Midtown) 135 West 50th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue New York, New York 10020 (212)-459-2238


Tips for a Professional Profile Photo


Did you know that a profile photo is a valuable element to your job search on Harri? It can help increase your chances of getting that dream job that you have been chasing after. In fact, you are 7x more likely to be hired.

Although, a profile photo is usually excluded from the traditional paper resume, it is very important to have for your online presence, like your Harri profile. You owe it to yourself, so maximize your job searching efforts. Here's a guide to achieve a professional profile photo:


#1: Size

The ideal profile photo should be no larger than 600 x 600 pixels in dimension. (For reference, that is the same size as an Instagram photo.) If your photo is too small, it can be appear blurry or fuzzy, which is a not a good sign of professionalism. Generally, square headshots are the most popular and can be used across all channels.

#2: Distance

You do not want to appear too close, nor too far. Find a good balance so that your face is in focus. Also, keep in mind that your entire face should be in view.

#3: Group or Cropped Photos

Avoid using group photos with friends and family. Cropping out people from a group shot is not the smartest idea either. Stick to using solo shots, so that you do not have hassle with Photoshop, and cutting out unnecessary people in your photo.


#4: Lighting

A profile photo would not be a profile photo if you cannot be seen in it, so be conscious of the lighting. Take photos in natural light or near a window. Refrain from being in direct sunlight and overhead light sources because they can create dark, harsh shadows.

#5: Pleasant Expression

You want to appear like somebody an employer would like to hire and work with, so put on a pleasant expression. In a natural manner, try to express positivity and confidence. Stay away from posing and the use of hands/gestures.

#6: No Selfies

Keep the selfies to yourself. For your professional profile photo, you will want to have somebody take it for you, whether it be a friend or an expert photographer.

#7: Professional Attire

Remember, dress to impress. Wear something that you would typically wear for an in-person job interview, such as a button-down shirt/blouse and a blazer. Another tip is to stick to neutral or dark colors, like white, black or gray.

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How to Write an Effective Job Description


In order to attract the attention of top talents, as an employer, you have to write an effective job description. As it is the initial starting point of the recruitment process, it needs to be authentic and captivating; so much to the point where candidates feel that they cannot miss out on such a job opportunity. But what are the necessary components to a job description you ask? Here are important elements you must include:

#1: Background Information

This portion needs to be short and to the point. Keep the length to a maximum of two paragraphs. It should include your history, what you do and your mission. You may also recognize your achievements and defining moments. Don't forget to mention other significant details that the candidate for that particular role would care about.

#2: Role Overview

Start the paragraph off with a compelling job title. Provide a summary of the position by listing the main tasks and goals, and name the supervisor/team leader that the candidate needs to report to.

#3: Job Details

For this section, in one to two paragraphs, provide more specific information about the role. Go into detail what the candidate would be doing day-to-day and job responsibilities. Use words to that indicate movement or measurable action, such as "leading", "supervising", "managing", etc.

#4: Qualifications

List ideal traits that you are looking for in candidates, such as, years of experience, certifications and knowledge.

#5: Compensation

Money matters always brings up debate, however, candidates surely would like to see a range of the expected salary, especially those applying for top-level positions. For senior/executive titles, include the salary, benefits and other perks. If you still prefer to not disclose the compensation, let candidates know that it will be discussed privately during the interview itself.

With these five components, your job description is set. Post and share it through your job networks, and prospective candidates will reach out to you in no time.

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Tips on How to Build Your Online Reputation



The Internet and social networking play a bigger part in our everyday lives than you think. CareerBuilder found that more than half of hiring managers research applicants using search engines, and 52 percent said they used social networking sites.

It goes to show that you need to be careful of what you put out there on the world wide web. However, you can use these online profiles to help you stand out and distinguish yourself from others in the talent pool.

Here are a few ways you can create a better online reputation and impress your employer:

#1. Exhibit skills and experience.

You can provide your work history in a generic format, but that's just boring. Enhance your profile with graphics or other stimulating visuals to highlight your progression and career growth. You can create an infographic or timeline for greater support. On Harri, you can tag your profile with specialty keywords of your skills and experience, including "POS Systems", "Advanced Knowledge of Cash Registers/Money Handling", amongst many more.

#2. Display your craft.

Share files or links to your personal website and portfolio. This helps break up the amount of reading that your employer may have to do, and increases your memorability factor. Examples of popular types of imagery that are uploaded on Harri include coffee/latte art and beautifully presented/plated dishes.

#3. Show your personality through videos.

Show off your character with videos. Film yourself in your working environment, may it be working in the kitchen or behind the counter. If you like to get more personal, you can also share a short clip of you enjoying your favorite activity or hobby. You can easily import videos in the Gallery portion of your Harri profile.

#4. Provide professional references.

Include professional recommendations and references to boost your online reputation. It acts as written proof to employers of your capabilities.

With these few additions, you can raise your online presence to a greater level. Just make sure that you maintain a professional mindset when you manage all your channels, so that it doesn't hurt your chances of getting a job.

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