Benefits of Seasonal and Temporary Jobs



The holiday season is approaching very quickly, and businesses are in full hiring mode to prepare for the next few months. Therefore, there will be lots of part-time job openings around this time. It might seem like a step backward taking a short-term role, however, there are a quite a number of benefits. Here's why seasonal jobs are actually a good idea:

#1: Earning extra cash

The most obvious benefit is money, as you will be receiving a steady paycheck. You can potentially earn even more from generous tippers during the festive season.

#2: Gaining new experiences

You may learn some new skills from the job, which is always a big plus to your resume. These skills could also be applied to future roles. For example, money handling experience as a cashier can boost your chances when you apply to be a server later on.

#3: Updating your skills

If you have not been working for a while, you can use this time to refresh your skills. Update and improve your existing skill set and capabilities.

#4: Filling in gaps in your resume

Hiring managers typically like to see a consistent employment history, so temporary and seasonal positions help to fill those gaps. Additionally, it shows that you are diligent and is serious about seeking long-term work.

#5: Getting a reference

This is a great opportunity to network and meet more people in the industry. These connections can be great references when you look for work again.

#6: Transitioning into a full-time employee

If you work hard enough and impress your manager, you might receive a full-time offer. Or when the company does have an availability, they might contact you, since you are already familiar with operations. Your employer will be saving money and time because you will not have to be retrained.

So do take full advantage of the holiday labor demand; earn some extra money, skills, experiences and connections for the new year ahead.

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