Tips for a Professional Profile Photo


Did you know that a profile photo is a valuable element to your job search on Harri? It can help increase your chances of getting that dream job that you have been chasing after. In fact, you are 7x more likely to be hired.

Although, a profile photo is usually excluded from the traditional paper resume, it is very important to have for your online presence, like your Harri profile. You owe it to yourself, so maximize your job searching efforts. Here's a guide to achieve a professional profile photo:


#1: Size

The ideal profile photo should be no larger than 600 x 600 pixels in dimension. (For reference, that is the same size as an Instagram photo.) If your photo is too small, it can be appear blurry or fuzzy, which is a not a good sign of professionalism. Generally, square headshots are the most popular and can be used across all channels.

#2: Distance

You do not want to appear too close, nor too far. Find a good balance so that your face is in focus. Also, keep in mind that your entire face should be in view.

#3: Group or Cropped Photos

Avoid using group photos with friends and family. Cropping out people from a group shot is not the smartest idea either. Stick to using solo shots, so that you do not have hassle with Photoshop, and cutting out unnecessary people in your photo.


#4: Lighting

A profile photo would not be a profile photo if you cannot be seen in it, so be conscious of the lighting. Take photos in natural light or near a window. Refrain from being in direct sunlight and overhead light sources because they can create dark, harsh shadows.

#5: Pleasant Expression

You want to appear like somebody an employer would like to hire and work with, so put on a pleasant expression. In a natural manner, try to express positivity and confidence. Stay away from posing and the use of hands/gestures.

#6: No Selfies

Keep the selfies to yourself. For your professional profile photo, you will want to have somebody take it for you, whether it be a friend or an expert photographer.

#7: Professional Attire

Remember, dress to impress. Wear something that you would typically wear for an in-person job interview, such as a button-down shirt/blouse and a blazer. Another tip is to stick to neutral or dark colors, like white, black or gray.

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Importance of Having a Harri Profile



As we all know, job hunting and hiring is not what it used to be. Away with the traditional paper resumes, and into the future of online profiles, with the creation and help of the Internet. Nowadays, job recruitment has transitioned into applications and submissions completed on the web, so it is highly important that you have a virtual resume.

Here are a few reasons why having an online profile, like Harri, is important as we move forward with the times:

Paper Resumes Will Be Obsolete

Recruiters have a lot on their plates already, so it is very likely that they may not want to hassle with more papers and material. They may even possibly misplace your resume under all their work. Instead, you should make a note to the hiring manager that you have an online resume. Make sure to provide him/her a link to your profile via email before your actual interview.

Polished and Professional Portfolios

Creating a Harri profile is relatively quick and easy, and results in a polished, professional portfolio. You can showcase not only your work and experiences, but also other things, such as your personality, skills beyond the workplace and what you are passionate about, including hobbies and talents. For example, with the Gallery, you can display photos and videos of your craft, whether you are a pastry chef or barista.

Easily Customizable

Online profiles are highly customizable to suit your choice of field/industry. You can quickly update and make modifications to your resume on Harri. If you have a new job or want to add more pictures, you can, and with just a few clicks of a button.

Greater Exposure and Online Presence

Internet usage and social media consumption continue to grow year after year. When employers are looking to hire, they can easily browse through online profiles and resumes, and reach out to you, as a job seeker, without much effort if they are interested. Additionally, with a Harri profile, you have far greater reach and exposure, thus meaning a greater chance of being hired than someone that does not have online presence.

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