Uber introduces "UberEATS"


Uber EATS NYC Earlier today, Uber, a smartphone app that connects drivers with riders, announced that they have enhanced their offering to include on-demand local food delivery service. Originally piloted in Los Angeles and Barcelona, the program is now available in Chicago and New York City. Customers in all four cities can get food delivered from the most popular, iconic restaurants within 10 minutes.

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Uber states that their menu changes daily and that they are curated so "there’s something for every taste." This week's menu for New York City includes an exclusive sandwich American Cut, a steak sandwich from Num Pang and a kale salad from sweetgreen among others. Chicago's menu options include the Pepito Torta from XOCO, Carne Asada Cemita from Cemitas, and more. 


Uber decided to extend this offering to other cities due to the positive response to UberEATS in Los Angeles, where it was previously known as UberFRESH. The company plans to add to their roster of restaurants and has added brunch service on the weekends.

Uber has successfully cut down delivery times to 10 minutes or less. The company also claims that hot restaurants like Bay Cities, Bottega Louie, and Canter’s have expanded their reach and boosted their business. Uber drivers stated that they love having another way to earn through the Uber platform.



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