How to Design a Menu for Your Restaurant


When it's time to design your menu and you are not artistically inclined, it might be best just to hire some one who knows what they're doing. Regardless of whether or not you produce the design, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The size of the menu is very important. If the menu is too big, it could inhibit guest interaction. If it's too small, people will have  a hard time reading it. It needs to be just right.

The information on the menu must also be presented in a way that is readable for guests. This means coordinating the type of material used, the color choice, the font, and the spacing. You also might want to consider the order that dishes and drinks appear on the menu so that it progresses in a logical order.

Something that is often overlooked is that fact that your menu can be used as a marketing and sales piece.

"What information should be on it? Should the address, phone number, website be on the menu, so that when someone prints it online, they have all that information with them?"

Your word choice is also vitally important. Your descriptions should not be too lengthily and descriptive because your guests will quickly lose interest. However, the descriptions can't be so short that people are unsure of what they're ordering. You can't rely on the designer here. The word choice is up to you.

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