How to Answer "What Is Your Greatest Strength?"



We've previously featured how to answer "What is your biggest weakness?" and for our next feature we present how to answer “What is your greatest strength?" Providing a well prepared answer can leave a good, lasting impression on the interviewer. Here are some tips when responding:

#1: It's not about how much, but how well.

When you talk about your strengths, do not start listing everything that you are good at immediately off the top of your head. Think it through carefully and prepare a quality answer. Narrow down your strengths to a maximum of two to three things, then explain to the hiring manager how well you were able to accomplish such tasks and orders. For example, you can share how you demonstrated great time management skills and how detailed-oriented you were as a host/hostess.

#2: Provide evidence or a story.

Make sure you can support your claim. Back up your strengths with numbers or a story about the particular matter to reinforce your candidacy. So to relate back to the prior example, mention how well you were able to handle a high number of calls and reservations with guests, via both the phone and at the restaurant, in a timely and accurate manner.

#3: Tie it in with the company's values.

Prior to your interview, research the company you are interviewing with and look for important things that are valued by the brand. For example, most hospitality businesses deem customer service as a top priority. In that case, you can describe how your friendly and likable personality would be an asset when dealing with patrons and customers.

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