Hospitality Begins With Taking Care of Yourself



A new year means making changes. It’s all done in the name of putting yourself and your goals first in search of improvements in your life. Additionally, a new year also ushers in many opportunities and the biggest one should always be improving your health.

It is a well known fact that most of us who work in the hospitality industry don’t receive health benefits; it’s been a hot topic for years. Since most employers in this industry aren’t able to provide coverage for their employees, the best option is to enroll into a personal health plan. In fact, in 2016, the Affordable Care Act goes into effect which means that everyone must be enrolled by January 1st, 2016 or face a tax penalty of $695 per adult, or 2.5% of household income, whichever is more.

Since avoiding the penalty while also protecting your own health seems to be the obvious answer, Team Harri did some research to find the best option for you and your family!

Meet Oscar. Oscar is a tech-savvy healthcare network that offers a number of plans designed to help keep you healthy and save you money. They pride themselves on delivering better care at lower costs and like Harri, they are revolutionizing their industry through technology, data and design.

Oscar currently offers plans to individuals, couples, and families living in New York, New Jersey, California and Texas who don’t already receive health insurance from an employer. Oscar’s simplified plans and customer support team will help you answer any questions you may have as well as help you decide which plan is right for you.

In the end, all you have is your health. To learn more about Oscar and easily enroll yourself in their amazing coverage go to