5 Must-Haves for a High-Impact Harri Profile


  As a professional in the competitive industry of hospitality, it's important to understand the influence your personal brand will have in helping you stand out to employers. The truth is the resume is dead, and as a hospitality professional you need to discover unique ways to showcase your skills and personality. That's where Harri comes in. Designed by HR Managers from the country's top restaurant establishments, your Harri profile allows you to seamlessly present information such as your skills, personality, strengths, and work experience.

To make the most of your Harri profile, here are five tips to help you put your best foot forward:

1. Take a dynamic photo.

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A picture is worth 1,000 words, so make sure yours tells the right story.  While professional head shots aren't a requirement, keep this in mind that selfies, group photos, unclear or inappropriate pictures will not portray you the right way and come off as unprofessional.

2. Create a strong headline.



The first thing about you employers will see on your Harri profile is 'Three Words About Me'. Make sure you select three strong, dynamic words that compliment your personality. Remember, you can only make one first impression.

3. Compose a passionate (yet short!) description of yourself.

This is your chance to truly shine! Why did you choose to work in the hospitality industry? What are your career goals? What are your biggest accomplishments? These are great examples of how you can create a unique story behind who you are and why you would make a great addition to someone's team.

4. Develop a list of your professional skills.

specialty skills

Harri gives you the ability to tag skills on your profile. Not only does this allow you to display your talents in an organized fashion, but also employers are able to search, filter, and connect with members based on the skills tagged on your profile.

5. Optimize your job descriptions.


Expand on your work experience through strong, concise descriptions of your role at each company. Keep in mind there should be a connection between your job descriptions and top strengths that you want employers to remember you for.

Want to know the best part? Once you create your Harri profile, you will have your very own personalized URL. You can share this URL whenever and wherever, whether it's with employers outside the Harri environment or across your own social media pages. It makes showing off that much easier.


And there you have it. Using Harri's unique platform to create your personal brand as a hospitality professional will allow you to showcase your skills and personality to employers like never before. Following these simple steps will help you creating lasting impressions and genuine connections with both employers and your fellow peers.

Update your Harri profile now to become a hospitality superstar.


Hot Right Now: Chef Jobs


Chef Jobs on Harri If you're thinking about becoming a chef, restaurant industry experts say New York City is the land of opportunity for you.

There is a shortage of back of house staff, such as chefs and line cooks, as well as front of house managers and other restaurant jobs in the city right now. According to Stephen Zagor, director of culinary business and industry studies at the Institute of Culinary Education, this shortage is leading to high job placement rates:

"We talk to restaurants all the time, and they're constantly calling us because they know we're a reservoir of talent," he said. "They keep saying, 'We need, we need, we need.'"

The reason for this is partially due to the high turnover rate in the industry as well as the food scene explosion that has taken place over the past few years. "The restaurant industry often offers day jobs for performers and artists, which also attributes to the high turnover rates" Zagor said.

The rise of niche dinning combined with more openings have made it harder for restaurants to adequately staff their concepts, however, those who want to work in restaurants and kitchens can catch a lucky break with more opportunities available. Maureen Drum, director of career services at the Institute of Culinary Education, had this to say about the current state of the New York restaurant business:

"There's so many different types of venues, everything from pop-up food tables to food trucks to more casual-style service restaurants, because of that trend there are so many more avenues for a cook to head into."

Not only is there competition for work, wages are competitive as well. The average annual wage for all restaurant professionals in New York state was $50,430 in 2014, compared to $42,570 nationwide, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Chef Jesse Schenker, owner of Recette on West 12th Street and The Gander on West 18th Street, started his culinary career in Florida. He's seen first hand, the opportunities available in New York City. Despite the number of opportunities available, working in the restaurant industry still requires drive and commitment.

"It's really a question about one's commitment because this industry is truly a lifestyle," said Chef Schenker. "There's so much sacrifice but there's much to be gained."

 If you're someone who's looking for a fresh start or someone looking to break into the industry, Harri is the best place to discover which opportunities are available hospitality professionals.

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