The Harri Total Talent Solution: Digital Applications & On Boarding


Harri's Total Talent Solution empowers hospitality companies to discover, interview, hire and onboard new employees on a singular, intuitive and modern platform.

The days of using antiquated ATS's or fumbling through paperwork are over. Harri saves you time, money and most importantly, your sanity!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.59.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.59.21 PM

While creating the #1 hospitality network in NYC, we realized the need for innovative technology to easily replace archaic hiring systems that Talent Professionals are currently forced to use. Harri’s full-suite solution brings the entire hiring and on boarding process into one modern, hospitality-optimized HR platform.

Harris Interview Scheduler

Harris Interview Scheduler

Beginning with our Advanced Interview Scheduler, Harri is building modern services that remove the traditional pain points associated with hospitality hiring.

Once you've found candidates for your open positions on Harri, the next step is the interview. Our Interview Scheduler allows for effortless management of interviews, drastically reducing the hassle of no shows. It instills a system of checks and balances allowing employers to indicate if a candidate has attended or missed an interview. If that weren't enough, the tool also allows interviewers the ability to take notes that seamlessly integrate with the AMS flow.

Product Features:

  • Interview agenda
  • Attendance (check-in or no show)
  • Interview Notes
  • Candidate response rate
Harri Digital Application

Harri Digital Application

The final step in the hiring process is on-boarding new employees.

When it comes to moving applicants through the hiring process, most businesses are accustomed to using traditional methods for this process, such as paper forms and physical filing systems. With the introduction of Harri's Digital Applications and Employee On-Boarding, those days are coming to an end!

Our system removes paper as well as duplication of data by pulling the candidate’s information seamlessly from their initial application through the hiring process. Traditional applicant tracking systems lose over 70% of applicants because of inefficiency. Harri has built an intuitive and streamlined solution designed to enable the hiring manager to build the ultimate team efficiently.

Product Features:

  • Basic information from Harri profile
  • Business specific questions
  • Self Identification and EEO reporting
  • eSign and secure cloud storage for 2 years
  • 100% Compliance with US Labor Laws

You wouldn't still use a type writer or a wall phone anymore, so why use out of date tools? You shouldn't have to, which is why we're here to help you hire the modern way. Learn how Harri can help your business by contacting our sales department.

Top NYC Restaurant Week Restaurants to Work At


It's one of our favorite times of the year–NYC Restaurant Week! This year, it is running from January 18th to February 5th. Here are some dining establishments that are participating, and also hiring, in the annual event:


Ai Fiori, located in the chic Langham Place, is a favorite amongst NYC Restaurant Week go-ers. Its menu combines the traditional cuisines of the French and Italian Rivieras. The restaurant also has an inviting bar and lounge, with a large selection of cocktail and wine offerings.

At the moment, Ai Fiori is staffing for several FOH and BOH positions such as Host/Hostess, Pastry Cook and Bartender.


Narcissa is a cozy, farm-to-table East Village restaurant that is situated right next to The Standard. The chefs at Narcissa use local and organic ingredients from Hudson Valley, which is just outside of NYC. In the warmer months, patrons can dine al fresco in the private garden space.

Apply to Narcissa's current openings for Line Cooks, Family Meal Chefs and Cooks.


Chef Daniel Boulud's casual bistro, Bar Boulud, serves seasonal French fare and plates. Its Restaurant Week menu features one of its most signature dishes, steak frites, along with other classics, like confit de canard and gâteau au chocolat.

Bar Boulud is in search of passionate Servers, Hosts/Hostesses and General Managers to join their team.


Upscale, penthouse-level Gaonnuri not only offers contemporary Korean eats, but splendid panoramic views of NYC. The Michelin Guide 2015 recommendation's Restaurant Menu meals are available for lunch and dinner, Sunday to Friday.

Become a part of Gaonnuri's Host/Hostess, Server and Pastry Chef team.



TAO, a major hotspot in NYC and Vegas, is holding Restaurant Week at both its Downtown and Uptown NYC locations. Guests will enjoy bold Asian-inspired meals influenced by Hunan, Szechuan, Singaporean and Malaysian flavors.

See the jobs that available at TAO Downtown and TAO Uptown.


Other participating restaurants that are also hiring include: Arlington ClubBeauty & EssexDavid Burke at Bloomingdale'sDavid Burke Kitchen, The Dutch, Esca, LafayetteLavoMiss Lily's 7AOsteria MoriniRed RoosterRistorante Morini and Sant Ambroeus.



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Harri's Hospitality Career Fair in LA



Incredible FT and PT opportunities available for FOH, BOH and Management talent. Participating brands include:

  • The SLS Hotel
  • Mendocino Farms
  • Greystone Manner
  • Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse
  • Nobu
  • BOA Steakhouse
  • Soho House
  • And MANY more!

All applicants must RSVP online in order to unlock location and job openings:

Employers, if you want to participate in our Hospitality Career Fair in LA, contact Jeremy, Harri's Business Development Manager (West Coast) at



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How Your Response Rate Effects Your Overall Profile Score


If you're a hospitality professional dedicated to taking the next step in your career on Harri, here's an important factor that will help you stand out from the crowd: your response rate to employers.

Oftentimes, hiring managers are in a rush to fill the spot of a server, chef, or manager. If a new employee needs to be hired ASAP, a delayed response can greatly decrease your chances of joining their team. So when you're applying to a job or receive an invitation to apply, it's in your best interest to answer in a timely manner, even if you are not interested in the offer.

Your Harri dashboard contains both a Profile Score as well as a Response Rate, which feeds into your overall score. This number will indicate how much of superstar you are when it comes to the job hunt. Having a high Profile Score means you:

  • Are ranked higher on candidate searches
  • Show up as a suggested candidate to employers more often
  • Can become a Harri featured member

Your Response Rate score is dependent on two factors:

  1. How quickly you get back to employers
    1. If you respond within 0-24 hours, you will be rated as Outstanding.
    2. Reply back to a hiring manager after 25-48 hours, and you will be rated as Good.
    3. Messaging employers 48+ hours will result in a Poor rating.
    4. Your job interview attendance record
      1. Your score improves or is maintained each time you show up to a job interview.
      2. If you accept an invite, but do not attend and inform your interviewer 24 hours in advance,  your score will not be effected.
      3. For your first no-show offense, you will receive a warning email. A second offense means your profile will be tagged as 'No Show'. Your third offense will lead to the suspension of your account.

Fortunately, ratings are not set in stone; you can always work your way back up. To achieve an Outstanding score again, you will need to respond within a day's time for three separate occasions, or successfully attend a job interview.

When you communicate to employers (and always make sure to do so professionally), responding as quickly as possible shows that you're punctual and excited about the opportunity. Even if you're not interested in the job, it's always better to politely decline the offer than to not respond at all. It is basic etiquette to show that you are being a true professional. This will not only help you in your career, but also help you stand out on Harri!

Login to your Harri account to see your Profile Score now.



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Benefits of Seasonal and Temporary Jobs



The holiday season is approaching very quickly, and businesses are in full hiring mode to prepare for the next few months. Therefore, there will be lots of part-time job openings around this time. It might seem like a step backward taking a short-term role, however, there are a quite a number of benefits. Here's why seasonal jobs are actually a good idea:

#1: Earning extra cash

The most obvious benefit is money, as you will be receiving a steady paycheck. You can potentially earn even more from generous tippers during the festive season.

#2: Gaining new experiences

You may learn some new skills from the job, which is always a big plus to your resume. These skills could also be applied to future roles. For example, money handling experience as a cashier can boost your chances when you apply to be a server later on.

#3: Updating your skills

If you have not been working for a while, you can use this time to refresh your skills. Update and improve your existing skill set and capabilities.

#4: Filling in gaps in your resume

Hiring managers typically like to see a consistent employment history, so temporary and seasonal positions help to fill those gaps. Additionally, it shows that you are diligent and is serious about seeking long-term work.

#5: Getting a reference

This is a great opportunity to network and meet more people in the industry. These connections can be great references when you look for work again.

#6: Transitioning into a full-time employee

If you work hard enough and impress your manager, you might receive a full-time offer. Or when the company does have an availability, they might contact you, since you are already familiar with operations. Your employer will be saving money and time because you will not have to be retrained.

So do take full advantage of the holiday labor demand; earn some extra money, skills, experiences and connections for the new year ahead.

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