Talented Chefs Leaving the Big Cities



A year ago, Gavin Kaysen left his executive chef position at Café Boulud in New York City. He packed up his bags, and headed back to his hometown of Minneapolis, where he set up his own restaurant, Spoon and Stable.

Kaysen says one of the advantages of opening a restaurant back home is being closer to his support system. He happily shares that he gets to spend more time with his family and children.

Another plus was the space. Kaysen found an office building that was originally an old horse stable, and thought it had lots of potential and charm. Construction started in early May and Kaysen was able to have a grand opening on November 16th. Putting together a restaurant in the short span of only six months was an amazing feat.

In addition, Kaysen notes that Minneapolis is an agricultural haven. He has been forming relationships with countless local farmers and producers.

Kaysen thinks the talent has been leaving big cities, like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, because chefs are embracing the old European restaurant concept again. He mentions how Michelin was initially created to expose the small, out-of-the-way shops to people and tourists.

He states that there no denying that metropolitan cities push out excellent food and chef talent. However, he points out how that it's not the locality that makes a great chef. Kaysen says, "I still believe if you cook really good food, and you create beautiful hospitality and great service, people will find you."

Kaysen finds it extremely humbling when patrons are lining out the door for a seat in his restaurant, especially since it is in Minneapolis. He is excited to see Minneapolis being a game changer to the culinary world.

(via Grub Street)

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Chef Keizo Shimamoto Makes Ramen Burgers With Conan O'Brien

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Would you like to work with a master Ramen chef? Create Ramen burgers plus other assorted dishes at Chef Keizo Shimamoto's Ramen Co restaurant as a line cook.

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