A Step-By-Step Guide: Talent Pool


At last, you can organize your candidates all in one place!  

The Harri Talent Pool gives you the ability to create a categorized list of ideal candidates by tags. Allowing you to create up to 20 different tags to streamline your search and attain the best people for your available positions. Using our filters, you can narrow down your Shortlist by on tags to find your perfect employee.  Let's go through all the steps of how Talent Pool can help you hire more efficiently.

1) Select the Talent Pool Icon  From the Harri.com homepage, select "Talent Pool" on the upper right-hand corner of the page.  

2) Create Your Tags and Go To Your "Shortlist" Customize up to 20 different tags to organize your candidates to make it easier to share with your team and invite to apply to certain positions or locations

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.21.32 PM.png

3) Choose Candidates for Talent Pool Once you are in your Shortlist, select the candidates you want to add to your "Talent Pool" (Note: Have your tags in mind while selecting applicants) 

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.22.33 PM.png

4) Assign Tags to Candidates Add tags to the candidates you selected, you may add up to 5 tags per candidate.  Doing so will make it easier for you and your team to search for candidates, and note who you have screened previously.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.24.09 PM.png

5) Return to Talent Pool and Double Check your Tags Once you're back in your Talent Pool, double check your tags to ensure that each candidate is labeled correctly.  This is also your chance to edit and remove tags, before the next step.  

5a) Make Notes for HR Team and Managers If you go into candidates' profiles directly you may add notes to inform your team and managers.  This gives little more guidance to the people interviewing candidates, but may not be screening them.    

 6) Invite Candidates to Apply for Available Positions When all candidates are labeled and noted, you may proceed to invite them to apply for the open jobs.  While we provide you with a template to message your applicants, you are free to customize this.  (Adding payrate, hours and benefits is highly encouraged here)


Is there a limit to the number of tags?

You are able to create up to 20 different tags for your Talent Pool. In addition, you may assign up to 5 tags to a specific candidate.

Will Talent Pool be sorted by tags?

Your Talent Pool will not be sorted by tags. Using our smart filters on the left-hand side of the page, you’re able to narrow down results based on tags, position, years experience, availability, and more.

When I create a tag, is it automatically assigned to the user?

Tags are not automatically assigned. Simply click on the newly created tag to add this label to a candidate.

Can I share my Talent Pool shared with anyone else?

Your Talent Pool can be accessed by anyone with a login for one of your brands.

How do I add notes to a candidate?

When you select a member from Search & Connect, click the “Notes” icon on the right hand side. Simply type anything you wish to save to a candidate’s card and click “Add notes”. Notes can be viewed by anyone with a login for one of your brands, as well as who posted the note and when it was added.

How do I contact people in my Talent Pool?

From your Talent Pool, click “Select” under each candidate icon that you wish to communicate with. On the top right of the page, click “Invite to Apply” and select the position from a dropdown menu. Type a message and click the “Invite” button to send your response.

Using Talent Pool, you’re able to create a customized list of top hospitality professionals who are the perfect fit for both current and future openings with your company. This new feature is another way for you to collaborate with your colleagues to build the most qualified team of talent for each of your brands.

Happy Hiring! 

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Chipotle's Employment Application Process Goes Mobile

large_chipotle-careers-2 Let's face it, everybody loves Chipotle Mexican Grill. Besides delivering farm fresh Mexican style food, Chipotle is a business that strives to build a strong corporate culture.

That love has translated into record growth for the company. To meet these demands, it had to use every resource available in order to find the best employees possible.

To help achieve this goal, Chipotle launched a new mobile job application program in October of 2014 with the intent of widening its recruiting net by allowing job seekers to apply right on their mobile devices.

“We are always looking to find top-performing candidates for jobs in our restaurants, and support departments,” said Monty Moran, co-CEO of Chipotle. “To get the very best applicants, it’s important to be accessible using the platforms that people are using. Increasingly, that means mobile.”

This process of upgrading was a 2 pronged approach. First, Chipotle upgraded and optimized the careers portion of its website to be fully compatible with all types of mobile devices ranging from tablets to smartphones; allowing interested candidates to browse open positions from the local to corporate level and apply electronically from anywhere (including while eating at an actual Chipotle location).


Next Chipotle worked in conjunction with a New York-based tech company who specializes in cloud-based recruiting technology, to develop their app. For a company like Chipotle, it certainly makes sense to create this type of app since young people in high school or college make up a core portion of the demographic who would be interested in an entry-level position at the chain, and these people spend a good deal of time online and on mobile devices.

Chipotle’s move to include mobile applications comes as mobile Internet access is on the rise. According to a Nielsen study on “the new digital consumer,” adults in the US spend 34 hours per month on average on the internet using a smartphone, compared with 27 hours online using a computer, and the Pew Internet Research project notes that nearly two-thirds of cell phone owners use their phone to go online, with one-third of cell internet users using their phone as their primary internet device.

Their efforts have already paid off: since the mobile site’s initial launch, nearly 20 percent of its overall incoming job applications (approximately 5,000) have come in via mobile devices. That’s added convenience for hopefuls, and a lot of added employees to choose from to help Chipotle build the best team that it can.

While your business may not be comparable to a fast casual food chain like Chipotle, their problems persist industry wide: finding the best talent in the best manner. While going mobile is the obvious answer, most likely your business does not have the time or resources. Luckily there's Harri, a ready made mobile solution for you and your business.


All of Harri's services have been designed to be mobile friendly on any device. Thus not only allowing future employees to easily apply on their smartphones but also enabling your hiring managers to screen, message, and hire without ever sitting in front of a computer.

Learn more how Harri can help your business here.

 [Via Chipotle]

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How to Avoid Discriminatory Job Posts and Avoid Fines

Experienced Waitress Wanted Signs like the one posted above will soon be a thing of the past. What's the problem with it you ask? Read below.

Recently, the NYC Commission on Human Rights aka the "City Commission" increased its efforts to enforce the NYC Human Rights law. The committee has focused particularly on job postings examining advertisements on Craigslist that indicate a preference towards a particular gender or age. An example of this is a job posting for a "waitress" as opposed to using a more neutral job title of "server".  Another example is when an employer states that they are looking to hire someone described as "energetic". The term is often considered a code word for only wanting a "young" employee.

The committee goes a step beyond highlighting this type of language on job posts. In order to create further evidence of a violation, the committee sends multiple inquiries to the employer in question. These inquiries contain nearly identical resumes, however, some are sent from male applicants and others from female applicants. Tracking software is used to see if the employer only opens emails from only one gender or from both.

If discriminatory practices are in place, the City Commission sends an agency-initiated complaint of discrimination to the employer, alleging discrimination in employment based upon the job post and the protected class at issue (ex. age or gender). After the complaint is filed, the City Commission mandates supervisor training and an financial penalty ranging from $2,500 - $5,000.

Workplace Discrimination

The City Commission isn't the only government agency combing through Craigslist. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other state agencies have been doing this for years. In addition to sending out resumes, these agencies have been known to send "spotters", who often apply to jobs in person in order to weed out discrimination based on gender, age, race etc. Hospitality and the Retail industries are prone to these types of investigations. It is not limited to the restaurant industry.

In order to avoid this type of investigation and the fines associated with it, employers should be extremely vigilant and thorough when drafting job posts, ensuring that they do not indicate any preference that may violate anti-discrimination laws. Employers are also advised to maintain records of each applicant and individual that interviewed for each job, including maintaining all resumes and applications submitted. Harri is already compliant to this law. Harri's built in features such as having the correct terminology preloaded for job posts and our Applicant Management System (AMS). Our AMS easily allows employers to track, message, store and hire; all from one dashboard for a cost less than Craigslist.

In addition to keeping records and using proper job posting techniques, staff training is also imperative. Employers should ensure employees that screening is not based on unlawful factors. Finally, a system of checks and balances should be implementing prior to posting ads online.

[Courtesy of The NY Alliance]

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How to Screen & Message Harri Applicants in 3 Easy Steps



For this edition of Tips & Tricks, we review how to screen and message applicants from the Harri dashboard. Harri's Applicant Management System saves employers time and allows you to message qualified candidates at once.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.37.10 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.37.10 AM

Step 1: Enable SpeedyScreen

Step 2: Review applicants and assign them to one of the following: Interview, Passed or Saved For Later

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.37.16 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.37.16 AM

Step 3: Go to Interview and select "Reply All" to send a message to qualified candidates.  

Invite candidates to a group interview or to follow up with you directly. Candidates will receive a personalized salutation. (This is similar to a BCC in Outlook.)

It's that easy and efficient! If you have any more questions about reviewing your applicants, connect with our Member Success Manager at amanda@harri.com.

Happy hiring!

Harri's Hospitality Industry Tips & Tricks for Employers


For the second installment of our Tips & Tricks series, Harri member Christine Black shares advice for employers sourcing talent in the hospitality industry. Christine originally came to Harri as a job seeker and now she’s a hiring manager at Gigino Trattoria, an Italian staple located in Tribeca, NYC.

In the previous installment of this series, Christine shared tips and tricks for job seekers on Harri seeking employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. This time around, our interview with Christine centers around employers in the hospitality industry finding talent on Harri.

Christine B. Harri Portfolio

What was the deciding factor to use Harri to hire employees at Gigino Trattoria?

We were originally using Craigslist and we weren't getting the quality candidates we were looking for. People were not showing up for open calls, not returning messages and they were no shows for on the job training. It was frustrating to say the least.

I told the owners about Harri and how it is a solution which is less expensive than Craigslist and much easier to screen and hire with. They gave me the green light to use it.

How was your hiring experience with Harri?

"Hiring for our restaurant normally took a few weeks. With Harri, it only took a few days. It's a lot easier to keep track of candidates through Harri than with email. It was also easier to communicate who was coming in to interview to my colleagues by forwarding Harri portfolios."

We posted our openings and had a great response. Most candidates we found through Harri were excellent and all of them showed up to interview. A lot of the people we hired through Harri have undergone training and still work with us.

How does Harri compare to other hiring platforms for the hospitality industry?

Harri is the only platform that gives advantages to both job seekers and employers and it's very easy to use.

In the hospitality industry, there is a trial period for new employees. You have to see if their skills and personality are a good fit with your establishment. The information gained through Harri at the start of the process is extremely important and cuts down on hiring time.

Would you recommend Harri to other HR professionals?

"I think that they'll be pleased with the combination of ease of use and organization Harri brings. The cross promotions are great, and it's so easy to interact with candidates. Harri portfolios give both the employer and the job seeker an opportunity to present themselves."

Harri isn't expensive nor time consuming. It's definitely a step up from the rest of the hiring sites.  I would tell other HR professionals that they have nothing to lose by giving Harri a try. There is no harm posting a job to see how it works for you.

If you'd like to work with Christine and the team at Gigino Trattoria, they are currently hiring a Host / Hostess. Interested? Apply here.


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