Harri Featured Member: Akina Nolan




"It is very important to market your personal brand, because you have to be memorable in hospitality."

Akina got her start in retail/sales, behind the cash register at mainstream retailers, Aeropostale and Hollister Co. Now she works part-time as a hostess, while attending classes at St. John's University and dancing classic ballet at Broadway Dance Center.

Ever since Akina was young, she would eat out with her family. She grew to have great appreciation for the service and hospitality industry, and had wanted to be a part of the restaurant business too. She advises those who want to work in the field to be patient and composed even in stressful situations. In addition, she believes that it is important for one to stand out by being marketable and personable.

With her knowledge of both the retail and hospitality sectors, Akina aspires to be a businesswoman. She dreams of traveling the world and working in International Marketing.

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