Supercharge your Workforce and Operations with TeamLive!

You and your team work hard to delight your customers and make your business successful. Don’t you deserve best-in-class tools to help your business perform at the highest level?

We’re thrilled to announce TeamLive, an end-to-end workforce management solution. TeamLive not only simplifies the labor management process, it also provides engaging features your staff will love to use and innovative integrations that deliver the insights you need to boost revenue and run your business as efficiently as possible.

Software technologies are meant to streamline your business, but most hospitality groups are leveraging as many as 10 different systems to manage their staff and operations. In most cases, these solutions are not talking to each other, and staff is slow to learn and adopt each different tool. Harri directly addresses these challenges through our four TeamLive modules: TeamHub, Livewire, Team Scheduling, and Team Communication.



One of the most exciting features of the TeamLive platform is TeamHub, a cutting edge tool that helps hospitality managers track employee time precisely in a fun and engaging way. Employee hours are tracked through a revolutionary biometric time clock that uses facial recognition to help eliminate wage miscalculations and automatically create time sheets. Team Hub also allows for seamless data transfer to your payroll provider.*

*Must be integrated with ADP, Paycom, Paylocity, Paychex, Fourth, Accudata, or Valiant.


Livewire is a mobile-first analytics suite that brings together all of your sales and labor performance data into one easy-to-use dashboard. Livewire allows managers to receive labor cost breakdowns by category, view top-selling menu items, compare forecasts against real-time sales and labor costs, and view sales data across the enterprise or by location. Plus, Livewire gives you the ability to receive live compliance alerts for breaks and overtime and visualize detailed sales performance data for employees.

               Team Scheduling

Reduce weekly scheduling time by up to 62% and increase staff accountability with Team Scheduling. TeamLive’s mobile scheduling module puts scheduling in your staff’s pocket, enhancing communication and improving responsiveness by significantly reducing managers’ scheduling time.  When using TeamLive to schedule your workforce, each of your employees will have their specific wages calculated in real time, saving you up to 2% on annual labor costs. Managers can easily duplicate schedules and create recurring shifts and reusable templates to make scheduling faster and easier. POS integration enables you to align staff schedules with real-time sales activity to optimize sales, customer experience, and labor productivity.

                                                                    Team Communication

How much time do you spend trying to reach your staff? TeamLive’s social communication platform makes it easy to share shift details and daily updates with your entire organization and manage requests on a mobile-friendly platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry. The Team Communication platform incorporates tools and behaviors with a consumer-minded set of features including a team wall, instant messaging, and the ability to share dynamic content such as articles, images, and emojis.





With its extensive resource scheduling tools, dynamic collaboration features, and real-time labor cost reporting—all wrapped in an elegantly intuitive design—TeamLive helps you focus on what matters most: your team.

We can help take your team management to the next level. Get in touch with a Harri talent specialist today to learn more!