Product & Feature Updates: November 2017

It's the season of giving, and we're kicking it off by giving our clients a reason to celebrate: new product and feature updates! 

We're happy to share that effective Sunday, November 26, we rolled out exciting new releases that will enhance productivity and streamline the workflow of our clients. 

Are you a Harri client? These enhancements may affect your account! Visit our Support Page, which details each new release and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use them. As always, we recommend checking in with all appropriate members of your team to ensure you're implementing the updates that will best serve your business. 

In the meantime, check out the highlights below!

Global Search

We've added enhanced search features to make it easier to find employees in your system. In addition to searching by name, you now have the ability to search for employees by position, location, & document status.

TeamLive Availability and Time Off View

Approved time off and availability requests that have been approved by management now appear in one view.

Resending Offer Letter

You now have the ability to re-send a new offer letter to your applicant/new hire even after they have e-signed a previous offer. 

Card View with Location

An employee's hired, onboarding, or archived location easily displays on their employee card - no more clicking through the side bar locations!

Learn more on our Support Page!