Product & Feature Updates: Holiday Edition!

Are you ready for the holiday rush?

At Harri HQ, we’ve been prepping all fall for the hospitality industry’s busiest season of the year.

We’ve made some new upgrades to help you stay sane from Thanksgiving Dinner to New Year’s Eve. Learn more below!

Block Off Time Requests

Holidays call for all hands on deck. Although you’d like to be accommodating to personal requests, sometimes being fully staffed takes precedence.

To set expectations with your team and ensure they’re always available when you need them most, we've added the ability to block time off requests on specific days.

That means you and your managers will have more control over well-known busy days, such as Thanksgiving Dinner and New Year’s Eve.

We've also added a feature that allows you or your managers to control labor more effectively. For example, managers can require their team members to request time off 3 days ahead - giving you ample time to plan.

Shift Trade Settings

During the holidays, it's fairly common for team members to swap shifts with each other in order to attend personal events like family functions and parties.

Currently, employees and team members have the option to offer their shifts to another specific team member, or to ALL team members with the same position.

We heard from some of you that wanted more control over shift trades - so we built a solution. Now, schedule changes can be accommodated with a TeamLive setting that enables you or your managers to require that employees requesting shift trades must share their open shift with ALL team members in the same position.

Not only does this help prevent potential overtime issues and provides equal opportunity amongst your team members in each position, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that the issue is more likely to be resolved with a bigger pool of talent to step up and take the requested shift trade. Strength in numbers!

Tip Distribution

The holiday rush is real. The last thing your team wants is to be standing around at the end of another long night, splitting tips.

This season, give your managers the gift of easy tip distribution! With our new solution, Harri pulls tips from Revel and displays them on your timesheet. Then, with one click, managers can distribute tips to all tipped employees based on hours worked.

(Managers will also have the ability to edit this before approving and sending to a pay data sheet.)

Publish Schedules by Filter

During such a hectic season, schedules need to be crystal clear. Make sure your team is on the same page with the ability to publish schedules by filter, such as:

  • Category
  • Position
  • Revenue Center
  • Day Part/Shift

No more confusion, and best of all - no more missed shifts!

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