Harri Hits 250K Members!

We are so excited to announce that we have reached a new milestone in Harri history!  Our platform has reached a quarter of a million members, and we have all of our job seekers to thank for it.  We could never have done it without you!   Every single member has made our system, website and mobile application what it is today.  So, we thought, “What can we do to show gratitude to our amazing members?”  Since nothing in this world says “Thank you!” with more enthusiasm than free swag, we decided on a giveaway!  Our team decided to reward our prized 250K member with some very special gifts: a $200 gift card from our friends at Craveable Hospitality to dine at ANY of their restaurants, and staring role in their very own video feature on our blog to be shared all our social media channels.  We are so proud to introduce you to Dimitra “Dimi” Androutsou, a hostess at Cafe Mogador, and our 250K member!  

Our 250K member was delighted to share her experience with using the Harri.com mobile app, explain how hospitality lets her personality shine, and even drop a little advice for those looking to work in the restaurant industry themselves.  We’re elated to reach quarter of a million members, and can hardly wait for our next milestone.  (Interview after the jump) 

Harri: Dimi, how did you feel when you found out you were our 250K member?   DA: I was shocked, I didn't even know you were counting. But I was super excited, since it's a quarter of a million...So, yay!

How did you find out about Harri? What made you join?    I found out about Harri through my best friend, Zoë, and she suggested that I download the app. I was really  glad, because it made it so much easier for me, when I was looking for work.  So, I'm really happy I did!

How does your Harri profile make you stand out from other hospitality professionals?    My Harri profile gives me a chance to describe myself, upload a picture, and I think it really helps restaurants put a face to the name. It's also easy to contact people, like talk to them, and schedule interviews. So, it's a very easy process.

What has your experience been using Harri?   I LOVE using Harri. My experience so far has been amazing, it's really easy to use, once you make your profile all you need to do is [swipe and] tap to apply. I got responses right away, and had so many interviews lined up really fast.

How has Harri been useful to you?   I've gotten to interview for restaurants that I've known, and aren't listed on other platforms except Craigslist. I used to be on Craigslist, a lot. [Many] big, successful restaurants are really no where else [except Harri].

Would you share with your friends?  I totally would, just like my friend did for me. I think it's the best thing to do when you want to work in hospitality, there's literally nothing else like it out there.

Do you know about the Harri mobile app? Do you use it?   I do and I love it! I downloaded the app right away, and got responses so quickly. You can save yourself time, and contact people wherever you are and multitask on the go.

How did you get your start in the hospitality industry? (By chance? Family ties?)    The reason why I started in hospitality was just to get some extra money in my pocket when I was 16, and still working at home (in Greece). Then when I moved here I just kept on going, and it's been fun ever since. So far, I've met the most amazing people and I really love it. It really makes my day to to talk to people, and not just sit behind a desk. It's a beautiful thing, I've worked in other places and this is the one thing that fits my personality.

What do you most enjoy about working in hospitality? Share your most memorable experience(s) working on the floor.     What I enjoy the most is interacting with people, because I love doing that in general. As for memorable experiences, I love when I get locals or regulars, who will text or call [the restaurant], asking if you're working. Then if you're not, then they come back later- just to see you. We'll get really familiar with each other and I can say things like, "Oh hey, how's your daughter, who was hurting the other day", I really enjoy those kinds of [guest] relationships. I personally love it, because I'm a people person.

What type of advice would you give to those, who want to start a career in hospitality?   Definitely have patience, because people can be tricky and challenging. And be nice this is New York City, you have the chance to make someone's day. There are so many negative people and I don't know why they work in the hospitality industry, you could just work behind of a computer with that attitude. I feel better when I can take it further than "Hello, how are you", having a comment like "Oh, I like your skirt" or "Your baby is so cute", it feels good and they remember you [because of your kind comments]"

Want to hire restaurant staff as amazing as Dimi? 

Maria Gee

Maria Gee is a Digital Marketing Manager for Harri.com.  A restaurant worker turned blog-writing-video-directing machine, she aims to educate and entertain those in the hospitality field.  She spends the majority of her spare time posting food pics on Snapchat and Instagram at @mariaalexag, and frequenting as many hospitality focused networking events as she can fit into her calendar.  Feel free to reach her at maria.gee@harri.com