Las Vegas Harri Style

Las Vegas Harri Style Meet Laura, Harri's 50,000th member.  Last month, in celebration of this milestone, #TeamHarri sent Laura to Sin City as a token of our appreciation.  We recently sat down with her to discuss her experience with Harri and what it was like to win a trip to Las Vegas. Read the interview below.

1. How did you first find out about Harri?

I was online searching for event work. I came across a job post and it directed me to Harri. The site was unlike any other hospitality site I've seen before so I decided to check it out.

2. What made you decide to become a Harri member?

With so many fantastic job opportunities and great companies hiring on Harri, I wanted to apply to many of them. I decided to become a member.

3. How would you rate the job seeking experience on Harri?

Harri is basically like a 1 stop shop for hospitality professionals. I love it! It's so easy. Create your profile, search tons of great jobs and then just click to apply. It's a lot better than using Craigslist. You can easily review companies to find the right fit for you.

4. Have you been hired through Harri?

As a matter of fact yes. After registering, I created a profile, filled in in my work experience and added professional photos to my Harri portfolio.  I applied for several jobs and then began receiving messages from employers.

After interviewing, I was hired at the Standard. I initially came to Harri seeking event coordinator opportunities but with so many great jobs available, I ended up with a fantastic bartender job instead. My coworker at the Standard was also hired through Harri so it's definitely working.

5. Would you recommend Harri to fellow hospitality professionals?

I actually recommended it recently to a girl I met at the bar. She just moved to New York from LA and is looking for work in the hospitality industry so I told her to check out Harri. Everyone I know asked me about my Vegas trip. So I told them that Harri not only got me a great job, I also won the trip.

Check out our 50,000th member in Las Vegas courtesy of Harri.

6. How it feel to find out you were Harri's 50,000th member?

I was in total shock, I was like, "Is this for real?" It's kind of funny because I actually waited to make my profile. I was searching for a job late at night and I didn't make my profile until the following morning because I was tired. Turns out I end up winning something I wasn't aware of and it was really cool. The entire process was totally random: a combination of fate & luck or being at right place, at the right time I guess.

It was also great meeting everyone at #TeamHarri. You guys are awesome.

7. What was it like learning you were going to Vegas?

I screamed! I was super excited and started jumping up and down. Then I had to figure out if either my boyfriend or best friend were coming with me, so I held a contest between the two of them to see who was going to make the cut <laughs>.

I've been to Vegas once before, so this time around I already knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and what I wanted to see. I was looking forward to visiting again.

8. How was your trip?

Oh my, it was so much fun! We didn't want to leave. We went to a bunch of nice restaurants and gambled a little.

9. Vegas is known for being on the wild side. Did you party?

Yes, we went to 1Oak one night. There was a disco party going on. It happens monthly and every time there is a different theme. When we went, it was circus themed so there were people dressed up as clowns, circus performers etc. It was crazy.

10. Being that you're a part of the hospitality industry, did you tell anyone in Vegas about Harri? 

People saw me taking photos with the Harri 50K sign all over town so I definitely got asked questions by random people and especially the showgirls. I told them I was Harri's 50,000th member and that I was in town because I won a trip.

Update: Harri now has over 60,000 members!

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