Job Fair Must Haves


In one of our previous blog posts, we shared tips on how you prepare for a job fair. Now that are you covered on that front, here are things you must bring.

Don't forget to take these following items when you attend a job fair:


#1: Smartphone

As you may know, Harri is all about modernizing the job search and hiring process. With that being said, you will need a smartphone at the career fair, which will allow you access to all the jobs being offered prior to the event. You can network with employers, browse to see which positions are open and easily pre-apply to the ones you're interested in right from your phone before the event.

#2: Extra copies of your resume

It's true that we are trying to do away with conventional paper resumes, however, some businesses still prefer them. At career fairs, employers may want a physical copy so they can keep track of the people they meet and use it take notes. Just prepare to bring a few extra copies, just in case a recruiter asks for one. Also, be sure to organize your resumes neatly in a folder or portfolio.


#3: Notepad and pen

Lots of information will be thrown out at you, since you will be speaking with lots of hiring managers at the event. You probably won't be able to remember all of it, so be smart and bring a notepad. Use it to jot down important pieces of information and review it when the job fair is over. (You can also takes notes on your smartphone.)


#4: Your smile and handshake

You'll be a little nervous at the career fair, no doubt. However, make sure you smile and have a firm handshake. Your smile and strong handshake will go a long way, and will definitely leave a good impression on employers.




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