Introducing the Harri Agency / Recruitment Solution


[embed][/embed] When you’re working for a recruitment agency, the most important thing to do is present your clients with an impressive lineup of candidates to join their team.

Instead of sending endless emails or playing phone tag, why not present staff the modern way?

Meet the Harri Agency Solution, a unified platform where both your team and clients are able to screen candidates, provide feedback, and manage brands from a single dashboard to help you make smarter hires.

From your Talent Pool you’re able to send your clients to a unique page branded to your company where they’re able to approve or deny a selected group of candidates, as well as take notes to provide feedback.

Harri's latest hiring solution also gives you access to the following features:

  • Ability to post as your agency or as the brand for whom you’re hiring allowing you to customize your approach according to  your clients needs
  • Candidate Search + Connect credits, which allow you to proactively search our talent pool of 125,000 registered NYC hospitality job seekers.
    • Some of the best talent is passive jobseekers and not actively looking/applying to jobs. Harri allows you to get access and connect with these purple squirrels
    • Unlimited job postings and ability to repost jobs
    • Spotlight your job postings across Harri’s marketing efforts, including social media, online job boards, Craigslist cluster ads and more
    • Premium placement in biweekly emails targeted to job seekers by category (FOH, BOH, Management, etc.), which significantly drive applications and help promote open calls and new openings
    • Additional logins for team members
    • Pricing based on login access, hiring volume and number of brands

The best part is that you’re able to bulk upload your existing candidates onto Harri so you can start with your full roster from day one.

To get started using the Harri Agency Solution, contact Amanda, Harri's Member Success Manager at