Managing Applicants and Group Messaging


Managing Applicants: Using our revolutionary SpeedyScreen™, you’re quickly able to screen applicants by viewing applicants' work experience and availability all in one glance. As an added bonus you can see applicants' personalities through their pictures, 3-word description, and their cover letter videos. Effortlessly sort candidates into groups: Applicant, Proceed, Interview, Hired and Pass.  After reviewing applications, you can send messages to each group, inviting all qualified candidates to an interview or giving them additional details  Then for any candidates you pass on, utilize group messaging to send them a customized rejection letter. 

Categorizing Your Applicants:

  1. From your Dashboard select the job you wish to review applicants for
  2. Click on the first application to enter SpeedyScreen
  3. After reviewing their details, use the buttons under their image to make them a candidate, pass, or schedule an interview.
  4. Click on the right arrow to review the next applicant.

Once you’ve sorted through applications, you’re able to send messages to each group of candidates.

Sending Group Messages:

  1. Check the box next to the group you wish to communicate with
  2. An icon will appear for you to take action on the group
  3. Click on the icon and enter your message
  4. Send away!

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