How To Create a Harri Portfolio


Over the past few months the Harri team has been working hard at creating tools to make finding a new job a whole lot easier. We innovated to go beyond the stale resume and updated a few features to empower you to showcase yourself while networking and finding your next great opportunity. Creating Your Portfolio:

This is what we like to call a one-and-done. When you register for a Harri account, you create a digital portfolio that showcases your skills, experience, and personality as a hospitality professional. Once this is complete, you can apply for jobs with a single click. You can always update your portfolio as you grow your skills and experiences.

Editing your portfolio:

  1. From the top navigation bar go to the Menu and click ‘My Profile’
  2. Once on your profile, click the ‘Edit’ button
  3. Using the tabs on the left, edit the information in each category
  4. Make sure to give some extra love to the media section. Employers are twice as likely to view job seekers with full and complete portfolios

How to Create a Harri Portfolio:


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