How to Attract Great Candidates


"How do I attract and hire the best people?" is a very common question among hospitality HR professionals.

Finding the perfect talent can be challenging and may take some time. Here are some ways you can attract the best of the best:

#1: Recruit based on attitude, instead of skills.

When hiring, look for candidates that have a good personality, rather than exceptional skill. It's actually harder to teach a person how to be personable than to teach someone technical skills. Consider hiring a person that is willing to start at a lower position, who you could then train him/her for a greater role within the company. That way, he/she can see that there is opportunity to grow career-wise and see their work being valued in the business.


#2: Find candidates by networking.

Don't limit yourself to just those who applied to your job post. Search elsewhere and through other means, like using our Search and Connect feature. You're bound to find other great candidates that meet your requirements within our vast network of 180,000+ users. Add members to your Talent Pool and invite them to submit their applications.

#3: Promote from within the company.

During the recruitment process, inform candidates that your business looks to promote entry-level staffers to higher positions. That way, job seekers know that their efforts put in the company will be rewarded. In addition, this strategy will keep employees motivated to work harder.

#4: Company culture is essential.

Attract candidates with the amazing company culture that you've built. Express that your company is a great workplace, and provide supportive words like how everybody is a team player and the business appreciates and listens to the feedback from staff.

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