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For the second installment of our Tips & Tricks series, Harri member Christine Black shares advice for employers sourcing talent in the hospitality industry. Christine originally came to Harri as a job seeker and now she’s a hiring manager at Gigino Trattoria, an Italian staple located in Tribeca, NYC.

In the previous installment of this series, Christine shared tips and tricks for job seekers on Harri seeking employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. This time around, our interview with Christine centers around employers in the hospitality industry finding talent on Harri.

Christine B. Harri Portfolio

What was the deciding factor to use Harri to hire employees at Gigino Trattoria?

We were originally using Craigslist and we weren't getting the quality candidates we were looking for. People were not showing up for open calls, not returning messages and they were no shows for on the job training. It was frustrating to say the least.

I told the owners about Harri and how it is a solution which is less expensive than Craigslist and much easier to screen and hire with. They gave me the green light to use it.

How was your hiring experience with Harri?

"Hiring for our restaurant normally took a few weeks. With Harri, it only took a few days. It's a lot easier to keep track of candidates through Harri than with email. It was also easier to communicate who was coming in to interview to my colleagues by forwarding Harri portfolios."

We posted our openings and had a great response. Most candidates we found through Harri were excellent and all of them showed up to interview. A lot of the people we hired through Harri have undergone training and still work with us.

How does Harri compare to other hiring platforms for the hospitality industry?

Harri is the only platform that gives advantages to both job seekers and employers and it's very easy to use.

In the hospitality industry, there is a trial period for new employees. You have to see if their skills and personality are a good fit with your establishment. The information gained through Harri at the start of the process is extremely important and cuts down on hiring time.

Would you recommend Harri to other HR professionals?

"I think that they'll be pleased with the combination of ease of use and organization Harri brings. The cross promotions are great, and it's so easy to interact with candidates. Harri portfolios give both the employer and the job seeker an opportunity to present themselves."

Harri isn't expensive nor time consuming. It's definitely a step up from the rest of the hiring sites.  I would tell other HR professionals that they have nothing to lose by giving Harri a try. There is no harm posting a job to see how it works for you.

If you'd like to work with Christine and the team at Gigino Trattoria, they are currently hiring a Host / Hostess. Interested? Apply here.


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