Harri tops 60,000 members!

Dounia Aleksic - Harri's 60,000th member Back in August, we here at #TeamHarri celebrated a milestone: 50,000 members! It's now October and we are proud to announce that Harri is now over 60,000 strong.

To commemorate this accomplishment, we sent the record breaking member Dounia A. and a guest to to dinner on us.

We recently sat down with Dounia to discuss her experience with Harri and what it was like to dine at Bar Primi. Read the interview below.

How did find you discover Harri?

I was online looking for part time jobs in the hospitality industry. I have experience as a hostess when I lived in Germany. I wanted to see if there were any opportunities like that here in NYC. Eventually I stumbled upon Harri.

What made you decide join?

All of the listings were very appealing and the website was very professional as opposed to Craigslist. I really liked the media element that Harri has. I also liked the questions employers asked prior to applying. It helps you understand what they are looking for.

I really love that you can showcase yourself and personality with the online portfolio. A regular resume just doesn't cover that. Harri allows you to display a more in depth view of who you are than resume.

The hiring process is a lot easier for both sides too. I like that you can view and learn about a company before you apply and that employers state exactly what they are looking for so you can be best prepared.

How did you feel when you found out you were Harri's 60,000th member?

I was very surprised because I recently joined. I wasn't aware that there were this many people already apart of the community.

Have you gotten any jobs through Harri?

I just joined so I haven't gotten a job yet. I've gone on 2 interviews, but I haven't heard back from them. We are still communicating on Harri.

I have a few other employers interested in hiring me so we shall see.

How has your experience with Harri been so far?

So far everything has been perfect. The job alert emails constantly remind me of all the opportunities available. I like to see what is going on in the industry, the different types of jobs available etc. The entire experience is a lot easier than using other sites.

Have you used any other job sites to find hospitality work?

Yes, but nothing comparable to Harri. Tried Craigslist but I didn't find it too appealing. It was not a great experience.

Since you were our 60,000th member, Harri sent you and a guest to Bar Primi for dinner. How was it? 

It was wonderful, thank you so much. It was actually my birthday so it worked out perfectly.


Bar Primi is currently hiring front of house positions. If you are interested in joining the team, click here to view their openings.

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