Harri Surpasses 100K Members!

Harri 100K Member

Back in August of last year, we congratulated Laura for being the 50,000th member. Then in October, we hit 60,000 members. Now... we here at #TeamHarri are proud to announce that we reached OVER 100,000 MEMBERS back in March 2015!

We finally sat down with Rachel, our 100,000th member after busy schedules delayed us from speaking to her sooner to discuss her experience with Harri.

When did you join Harri?

I joined Harri about 5 months ago. I was looking for a way to better project myself while applying for jobs and Harri was the top result on Google. As soon as I finished creating my profile I received about 3 requests to apply for a job within the hour.

What has your experience been in the Hospitality Industry?

I’ve been a Barista for about 3 years now. I’ve worked for Locanda Verde, Intelligencia, Lafayette, and Donna. I’m really focused on making a successful career out of it.

Have you found a job through Harri?

Yes, I found my jobs at both Lafayette and Donna through Harri. They’re both great companies that I really enjoy working for and I’m very excited to be part of each of their teams.

What is your dream job?

I definitely plan on staying in the hospitality industry and it’s my goal to start my own business. My next step is to go to Honduras and work on the farms where they grow coffee. I want to change the way that farmers are being both paid and treated. It’s a very laborious process. Improving work conditions will help the coffee industry in many ways, especially with providing a higher quality product.

How can Harri help achieve your goals?

Harri is a great site for networking and gives you the ability to go beyond just applying for jobs. As Harri grows as a company and as I grow as a professional, I will continue to use the site to take the next steps in my career and even hope to hire staff through Harri when I’m running my own business. I love that I’m able to showcase how I am as a professional and who I am as a person.

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