Harri Partners with OutMatch to Increase Retention for Hospitality Brands

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Next generation workforce management technology expands capabilities to assess candidates and further inform talent acquisition decisions.

Harri is now partnering with OutMatch, a predictive talent analytics platform for employee acquisition and development. The new integration will allow Harri’s customer base to administer an OutMatch talent assessment during the application process, empowering recruitment managers to increase hiring confidence and promote employee retention. 

Through its partnership with OutMatch, Harri has furthered its capabilities to build teams and screen candidates by fostering an even deeper understanding of potential team members. OutMatch works to identify low and high potential performers and filter the candidate pool based on those who pose the best fit to ultimately attract, hire, and retain the right talent for Harri customers.

“Employee turnover is the most costly challenge facing the hospitality industry today,” said Joe Miliziano, COO of Harri. “Through our integration with OutMatch, we are able to provide our clients with additional support in the applicant screening process enabling them to find the best match for their business and ultimately deliver stronger employee retention.”

This partnership allows employers to directly send an assessment to candidates and automatically receive the results upon completion. An OutMatch assessment require less than 8 minutes to complete and boasts a 97% completion rate. Hiring managers are able to view the status and candidate match score in their Harri dashboard promoting and facilitating informed hiring decisions.

“The key to great hospitality is a great employee base,” said George Ehinger, Vice President of Partner Relations. “We are excited to partner with Harri to help match purpose-driven people with the right hospitality opportunities.”

About Harri

Harri offers a next-generation software technology platform that helps hospitality business build, manage, and engage their teams. With more than 30 modules, the platform provides solutions for talent acquisition, employer branding, applicant tracking, scheduling, time & attendance, communications, compliance, and analytics. With 1.4m job seekers and 10,000 employers, Harri is a best in class solution that helps solve for the labor-related challenges that plague the hospitality industry. Based in New York City, Harri works with top hospitality brands including Radisson Hotel Group, CAVA, Snooze A.M. Eatery, Burger King, ThinkFoodGroup and more. For more information visit http://www.harri.com 

OutMatch, Transforming the World of Work

OutMatch empowers companies to make the best decisions about their people, from hiring and development to leadership and culture. Our predictive talent and culture analytics provide employers with a competitive edge through a deep understanding of their candidates, their CultureDNA™, and the behaviors that drive success. The result is outstanding employee performance, transforming average workforces into high-growth, high-performance companies.