Harri Announces Partnership with BenefitMall

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We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with BenefitMall, a leading provider of employee benefits and payroll services!

Mutual BenefitMall and Harri hospitality clients will have access to a fully-integrated solution that allows full control and visibility over every stage of an employee’s lifecycle.

This collaboration integrates Harri's Workforce OS™ with BenefitMall's PayFocus Pro, allowing clients to streamline every aspect of employee management. Designed exclusively for the hospitality industry, customers utilizing the tool have access to intelligent scheduling, live performance management, and a biometric time clock. 

“BenefitMall is excited to offer our hospitality clients with a talent solution tool that fully integrates with our current payroll platform,” said Kevin Thornton, BenefitMall senior vice president, payroll sales. “This partnership with Harri will allow our clients a simplified way to track and manage employees, as well as discover new talent to meet their company’s needs.”

The hospitality industry is unlike any other, and requires a talent tool designed specifically for its needs. 

“Through our partnership with BenefitMall, we will be able to easily assist more operators and HR professionals in their hiring and employee management practices," said Luke Fryer, CEO and Founder of Harri.

Headquartered in Dallas, BenefitMall partners with a network of 20,000 Brokers and CPAs to deliver employee benefits and payroll services to more than 200,000 small and medium-sized businesses. By combining payroll and benefits, BenefitMall empowers Trusted Advisors to develop the best employee programs while maintaining compliance with government regulations and Health Care Reform.

Our innovative and user-friendly system allows businesses to source, hire, and manage their talent. With Harri, hospitality brands can easily implement top comprehensive team scheduling, communication, and labor cost management technology built exclusively for the industry.

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