Cut Labor Costs & Increase Profit Margins with Livewire

“Livewire is a breakthrough labor management tool for the hospitality industry, which seamlessly connects scheduling with up-to-the-minute POS and labor cost data.”

As wages rise at an unprecedented rate across the country, finding and retaining good talent are becoming a challenge, and labor costs have become one of the biggest pitfalls for a restaurant or hotel’s bottom line.   This is why Harri, the most complete and effective SaaS solution to source, hire, and manage talent in the hospitality industry has launched Livewire.  A tool that helps restaurant and hotel managers track, manage, and optimize employee performance and labor costs in real time.

A premium feature within Harri’s TeamLive workforce management platform, Livewire integrates with leading POS systems, automating the collection and analysis of data by measuring employee performance and transactions across multiple locations.   Livewire is a breakthrough labor management tool for the hospitality industry which seamlessly connects scheduling with up-to-the-minute POS system and labor cost data.

“Most hospitality operators and managers don’t know how productive or unproductive their staff are and how that impacts sales from shift to shift, location to location,” said Harri founder and CEO Luke Fryer. “With the launch of Livewire, we are giving management a user-friendly new tool that empowers them to better manage and optimize their staff to improve operations, customer service and revenues.”

Livewire consolidates and compares labor costs in real time across multiple locations in a single, and mobile-friendly platform.  Using Livewire, hospitality managers' ability to use sales and labor cost data to optimize their businesses is limitless!

Here's what's possible with Livewire:

  • View up-to-the-minute sales, labor costs and guest metrics for all restaurant locations on one platform
  • Receive cost breakdowns by custom categories (ie. FOH, BOH, Management, etc)
  • Compare forecasts against a real-time sales and labor cost feed
  • Utilizing past data to forecast future costs, guest me
  • Easily view top-selling menu items
  • Comparison to weekly (and even monthly) labor costs to be sure the team is on track
  • Integrate to POS System to see individual employee sales and productivity breakdown
  • View staff time clock and “punch-in” accuracy and missteps

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