Chipotle's Employment Application Process Goes Mobile

large_chipotle-careers-2 Let's face it, everybody loves Chipotle Mexican Grill. Besides delivering farm fresh Mexican style food, Chipotle is a business that strives to build a strong corporate culture.

That love has translated into record growth for the company. To meet these demands, it had to use every resource available in order to find the best employees possible.

To help achieve this goal, Chipotle launched a new mobile job application program in October of 2014 with the intent of widening its recruiting net by allowing job seekers to apply right on their mobile devices.

“We are always looking to find top-performing candidates for jobs in our restaurants, and support departments,” said Monty Moran, co-CEO of Chipotle. “To get the very best applicants, it’s important to be accessible using the platforms that people are using. Increasingly, that means mobile.”

This process of upgrading was a 2 pronged approach. First, Chipotle upgraded and optimized the careers portion of its website to be fully compatible with all types of mobile devices ranging from tablets to smartphones; allowing interested candidates to browse open positions from the local to corporate level and apply electronically from anywhere (including while eating at an actual Chipotle location).


Next Chipotle worked in conjunction with a New York-based tech company who specializes in cloud-based recruiting technology, to develop their app. For a company like Chipotle, it certainly makes sense to create this type of app since young people in high school or college make up a core portion of the demographic who would be interested in an entry-level position at the chain, and these people spend a good deal of time online and on mobile devices.

Chipotle’s move to include mobile applications comes as mobile Internet access is on the rise. According to a Nielsen study on “the new digital consumer,” adults in the US spend 34 hours per month on average on the internet using a smartphone, compared with 27 hours online using a computer, and the Pew Internet Research project notes that nearly two-thirds of cell phone owners use their phone to go online, with one-third of cell internet users using their phone as their primary internet device.

Their efforts have already paid off: since the mobile site’s initial launch, nearly 20 percent of its overall incoming job applications (approximately 5,000) have come in via mobile devices. That’s added convenience for hopefuls, and a lot of added employees to choose from to help Chipotle build the best team that it can.

While your business may not be comparable to a fast casual food chain like Chipotle, their problems persist industry wide: finding the best talent in the best manner. While going mobile is the obvious answer, most likely your business does not have the time or resources. Luckily there's Harri, a ready made mobile solution for you and your business.


All of Harri's services have been designed to be mobile friendly on any device. Thus not only allowing future employees to easily apply on their smartphones but also enabling your hiring managers to screen, message, and hire without ever sitting in front of a computer.

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