Chef Keizo Shimamoto Makes Ramen Burgers With Conan O'Brien

Chef Keizo on Conan Last week Keizo Shimamoto, Ramen Chef and owner of Ramen Co., paid a visit to the Conan O'Brien show to cook up some of his infamous Ramen Burgers.

What ensued was a hilarious sketch. Host Conan O'Brien tried his best to coax Chef Keizo into revealing the secret to making the Ramen bun as well as sharing the ingredients of his secret sauce to no avail.

After learning the history of the Ramen Burger, Conan got to taste Chef Keizo's legendary masterpiece for the first time. He agreed; it's delicious.


Would you like to work with a master Ramen chef? Create Ramen burgers plus other assorted dishes at Chef Keizo Shimamoto's Ramen Co restaurant as a line cook.

You can check out the hysterical sketch for yourself below. It's courtesy of #TeamCoco.

Still have room for seconds? Check out another funny clip where Chef Keizo teaches Conan and the show guests proper ramen eating technique. The secret? You have to "be one with the bowl".

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