Avoid These Job Interview Mistakes



Going into a job interview is always nerve-wracking. Even before you enter and meet the hiring manager, you have to physically and mentally prepare. Previously, we have given you some tips for the question and answering portion of interview, but here are some other common practices you must steer clear of:

#1: Do not state how nervous you are.

No matter how much your nerves get to you, do not let your interviewer know. They know that everybody gets nervous, so admitting to it makes you look unprofessional and unqualified. In addition, it gives off an impression that you will not be able to handle the work environment and stressful situations.

#2: Do not go into your interview without doing research.

Make sure you do your homework prior to going into any interview. Find out everything you can about the business, its leaders and even who you will be interviewing with. Knowing such information will be only advantageous for you when being asked questions. It also proves that you are invested in working for the company.

#3: Avoid replying with one-word answers.

Hiring managers want to hear stories about your experiences and skills. You need to elaborate and expand on your responses. For example, when asked about your past position as a server, describe your role and what you learned on the job.

#4: Do not go in question-less.

At the end of the interview, you will most likely be asked 'So, do you have any questions for me?' You definitely do not want to end the interview with just a 'No'. Prepare at least three meaningful questions in advance to ask. Do not ask obvious or overused questions. Instead, try 'What do you most enjoy about your job?' or 'What makes the company different from its competitor?' to create a personable conversation.

It's relatively easy to fix these bad habits, as long as you prepare beforehand. Take these pieces of advice with you when go on your next job interview, and good luck.

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