Attract Applicants and Tell Your Restaurant's Story with Career Story Pages

Showcasing Your Hiring Brand Can Make a HUGE Difference.

Introducing: Career Story Page

With the industry labor talent pool thinning, the war for top notch hospitality talent is only becoming more fierce with time. Every restaurant and hospitality group is seeking to hire the very best people to work and grow with them.  Using media rich and custom curated content, a Career Story Page gives businesses the ability to attract high quality (and quantity!) talent by showcasing their one-of-a-kind work cultures and open opportunities.

  • OPTIMIZE employee fit by telling the story of your company’s unique culture and giving applicants the most accurate sense of what it’s like to be apart of your team!

  • EDUCATE potential candidates about your restaurant brand before they even click “Apply”.  This will increase the chances of attracting candidates, who specifically seek out your brand.  

  • ATTRACT great talent consistently by portraying a more personal brand, further humanizing your hiring process.  

Our Career Story Page is a premium feature of Source+Hire— only for those dedicated to winning the war on hospitality talent.  Access Harri's Career Story Page by becoming a Source+Hire client.*

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