5 Foodies to Follow on Instagram

Image: Melissa Hie, Girleatworld blog

Image: Melissa Hie, Girleatworld blog

The world of Instagram foodies is ever growing and changing the field of food culture. The social media juggernaut  has become incredibly influential in the restaurant industry. Here are some of Team Harri's favorites to follow!

1. @foodbabyny

What’s better than looking at delicious eats and cute babies? David Chau and his kids venture through New York City’s food scene to discover everything it has to offer. At restaurant openings, Chau is the first one there to capture a photo of a tantalizing dish and write up a quick review for his 203K followers.

If the food isn’t enough to draw you in, the hilariously wide range of expressions on his children’s faces will no doubt make you crack a smile!

2. @ldncheapeats

Not only does the food look delicious - it all costs £8 or less! You don’t have to live in London to appreciate good food at an affordable price. Ldncheapeats gives you the inside scoop on where to get anything from pho to fries, all on a budget.

Aside from mouth-watering pics, they also offer giveaways of gift cards and vouchers to great London spots. It’s a win-win.

3. @girleatworld

Emphasizing the “world” in girleatworld, this account follows the life you wish you had with Singapore-based blogger Melissa Hie in her round-the-globe travels.

Hie sets food in the foreground of iconic scenery and captures the beauty of both the destination and the delicious eats. The result is a picturesque record of food and travel, rounded out by detailed information about each location - truly taking you along for the ride!

4. @hungrytwins

If watching foodie videos is your guilty pleasure, feast your eyes on the Hungry Twins’ account. With more than 565K followers, it takes food on social media to the next level with clips of impossibly delectable desserts. You’ll definitely be hungry by the time you leave their page - or perhaps hungry for more.

Be warned, though, because hours of your day might get eaten up by their hypnotizing videos!

5. @dandoherty_

Dan Doherty is a fan of food - making it, serving it, sharing it, and eating it. Doherty is the executive chef of Duck & Waffle in London, a 24/7 joint on the top floor of a skyscraper specializing in traditional British cooking.

A departure from typical American foodie accounts, his instagram features dishes and recipes from his restaurant, home, and adventures in London.