100 Hires in 30 days: Harri Successfully Staffs Summer Garden & Bar


"Using Harri was a relief and reduced the stress of hiring. Features such as 'applicant availability' allowed me to reduce screening time by 1 1/2 hours a day." - Rebecca, HR Coordinator at Patina Restaurant Group

On a sunny Saturday morning, Team Harri set off to midtown to celebrate a milestone with Summer Garden & Bar, Rockefeller Center’s premiere tourist hot spot. With a limited hiring window, Rebecca and her HR team at Patina Restaurant Group exclusively used Harri to hire their seasonal staff.


Using Harri's Applicant Management System, Summer Garden & Bar easily:

  • Screened 2,000 applicants
  • Hired 100 seasonal employees
  • Saved 1.5 hours per day by reducing screening time

Team Harri was excited to meet and chat with candidates who used the site to apply for work and celebrate another success. You can also find success in hiring, join Harri today.

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