Chicago, IL: Harri, the end-to-end human capital management solution designed for the unique needs of the hospitality industry, will showcase its revolutionary platform and unveil its latest product at the largest annual gathering of the restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality industry, the NRA Show, in Chicago May 20-23, at booth #7077.

As it becomes increasingly expensive to find, retain, and manage staff, Harri reduces overall labor management costs by ensuring clients get the right people in the right roles and maximizing their employees’ performance and efficiency.

With Harri’s mobile-first, cloud-based platform, they’ve enabled major hospitality brands to attract the best talent for their business needs while eliminating paperwork using their digital onboarding process and reducing time-to-hire and hiring costs by 68% and 48%, respectively.

Harri’s revolutionary new labor management tool, TeamLive, was designed to provide value for the entire spectrum of hospitality business stakeholders by consolidating up to 10 operational systems into a single, mission-critical platform; including instant team communications, team scheduling overlaid with labor costs, and live sales performance data - providing operators with greatly enhanced profit visibility.

TeamLive also features a revolutionary time clock feature with facial recognition, capable of gathering data from individual team members and reducing wage discrepancies.

Currently operating in New York, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Miami and Orlando, Harri partners with more than 8,000 top hospitality brands ranging from fast casual to upscale, full-service dining. Some of Harri’s partners include CAVA Grill, Nandos Peri Peri, TAO Group, Chef Jose Andrea’s ThinkFoodGroup, Chef Michael White’s Altamarea Group, Chef Andrew Carmelini’s NoHo Hospitality Group and The Savoy Hotel London.


Harri is a platform built to help the hospitality industry source, hire, and manage their employees more effectively and efficiently.  With Harri’s all-in-one digital platform, employers can find and onboard top talent for their business using media-rich profiles and streamlined tools, all while reducing costs, saving time, and enabling long-term success of teams with best-in-class cloud-based management systems.

To date, more than 3,000,000 applications from chefs, bartenders, servers, hostesses, and managers have been submitted to 53,000 jobs posted on Harri.

Harri has more than 370,000 members and 8,000 employers spanning the USA and UK markets. It is the number one marketplace for hospitality talent in NYC.

For more information, visit harri.com.



Harri Serves Up Talent & Workforce Management for Upserve Customers!


We're very excited to announce a new partnership with Upserve that will provide Harri customers with sales, performance and insights from Breadcrumb POS to help them better predict, manage and grow their people and daily operations.

PROVIDENCE, R.I., May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Upserve, the industry's leading full-service Restaurant Management Platform, announced it is now managing over $11 billion in annual transaction volume, making it the largest provider of cloud-based point of sale and analytics for the independent restaurant industry. 

Restaurants now use Upserve to manage relationships with more than 32 million active diners and over 23 million meals per month, up more than 100 percent in the last year. 

"We're thrilled by our huge growth momentum as restaurants flock from 1990s-era, expensive and clunky point of sale and restaurant technology to our modern, open, affordable, cloud-based platform," said Angus Davis, CEO and Founder of Upserve. "Breadcrumb POS is easier to use and frees managers from the back office, while Upserve HQ provides data-backed insights to give restaurants a leg up on the floor, in their market, and with guests."

Upserve Marketplace Doubles with Addition of New Partners

Upserve also announced the growth of Upserve Marketplace to more than 30 partners, the largest marketplace of integrations for any cloud-based restaurant point-of-sale system, with the addition of new partners across multiple categories including online ordering, reservations, inventory management, invoice management and workforce solutions. Examples of newly signed partners include:

  • Menufy and Open Dining join Upserve's growing online ordering program, where orders enter the Breadcrumb POS seamlessly, saving time for restaurateurs, growing revenue, and eliminating order errors. 
  • BevSpotMarketManPlateIQSimpleOrder and xtraCHEF join Upserve's inventory program, helping restaurateurs manage their largest cost effortlessly, while boosting profits and reducing waste. 
  • Harri joins Upserve's workforce management program, key to recruiting, training and scheduling restaurant staff who compose ten percent of the American workforce. 
  • Opticard and Swipe It joins the expanding Upserve guest card program, providing integrated gift card sales and deeper guest loyalty solutions.

These new additions come on the heels of the launch of Upserve Marketplace in April, signaling the market's desire for a single restaurant platform of record.

Upserve Announces New Capabilities for Multi-Location Restaurant Groups

Already the go-to choice for restaurant groups with multiple locations for its ease of use and scalability, Upserve announced several features for multi-location restaurant groups. These new capabilities offer mid-market and enterprise customers greater visibility, management and communication across locations. These new features include:

  • Multi-Location Menu Management: Breadcrumb POS by Upserve makes restaurateurs' lives easier by simplifying the process of modifying, adding or deleting menu items across locations. A single master menu enables enterprise-wide control while preserving flexibility of managers at individual locations to make changes when needed. This new feature will be included with the "Pro" tier subscription and will be generally available later this summer. 
  • Multi-Location Menu Optimization: The Multi-Location Menu Optimization feature for Upserve HQ helps restaurateurs compare menu performance across all locations in the brand, making it easier to re-engineer menus based on national or regional customer preferences. Upserve HQ uses a smart AI matching algorithm to "map" menu items across the brand, including for multi-unit restaurants using different POS Platforms, or restaurants that have named menu items inconsistently across locations. Marketing and operations managers can even create their own customized menu reporting categories. This new feature is included with the Upserve HQ "Pro" subscription and available now. 
  • Integration with Epson Kitchen Display System: Upserve is expanding its KDS offerings by announcing the addition of fully integrated support for the Epson KDS and printer systems. This integration provides capabilities for restaurants who require a bump bar and back-up printer that displays on a large screen. Upserve will demonstrate integration at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, IL from May 20-23. This new feature will be included with the "Pro" tier subscription and will be generally available later this summer. 
  • Logbook for Upserve Live: The popular Logbook feature is now included in a mobile version of Upserve Live, the industry's leading mobile restaurant management app. Upserve Live users can now make Logbook entries from their phones, encouraging logbook participation by staff. Managers and owners can review accurate and timely reports from the front lines anywhere, anytime. This feature is included with Upserve Live for iPhone version 2.2, available today in the Apple App Store. 

Upserve Strengthens Veteran Executive Team; Opens New York Office

Upserve also announced growth to its executive leadership team, with Brad Kime joining as Senior Vice President of Channel and Alliances. Brad brings over 25 years of leadership experience in growing and scaling companies, most notably for his role as President and Chairman of OnDeck Capital from 2009-2013 prior to that company's IPO, and subsequent executive leadership roles at LendKey and Signpost. Brad is also the owner of Tini – a popular bar in Indianapolis that has been a loyal Upserve and Breadcrumb POS client for years. Brad will lead Upserve's newly-opened and rapidly-growing New York City office.  

About Upserve

Upserve is the magic ingredient that helps restaurateurs thrive, putting everything they need in one place. In a single platform, Upserve offers the market-leading cloud point of sale for restaurants, Breadcrumb POS by Upserve; actionable analytics through Upserve HQ; transparent processing with Upserve Payments; mobile restaurant management with Upserve Live, and seamless integration with leading third-party restaurant apps via the Upserve Marketplace. Thousands of restaurants use Upserve to manage relationships with more than 32 million active diners, process over $11 billion in annual sales, and serve over 23 million meals per month. Upserve is headquartered in Providence with additional offices in San Francisco and New York City.

Carol Lin Vieira   
(401) 214-0064   


SOURCE Upserve

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Supercharge your Workforce and Operations with TeamLive!

You and your team work hard to delight your customers and make your business successful. Don’t you deserve best-in-class tools to help your business perform at the highest level?

We’re thrilled to announce TeamLive, an end-to-end workforce management solution. TeamLive not only simplifies the labor management process, it also provides engaging features your staff will love to use and innovative integrations that deliver the insights you need to boost revenue and run your business as efficiently as possible.

Software technologies are meant to streamline your business, but most hospitality groups are leveraging as many as 10 different systems to manage their staff and operations. In most cases, these solutions are not talking to each other, and staff is slow to learn and adopt each different tool. Harri directly addresses these challenges through our four TeamLive modules: TeamHub, Livewire, Team Scheduling, and Team Communication.



One of the most exciting features of the TeamLive platform is TeamHub, a cutting edge tool that helps hospitality managers track employee time precisely in a fun and engaging way. Employee hours are tracked through a revolutionary biometric time clock that uses facial recognition to help eliminate wage miscalculations and automatically create time sheets. Team Hub also allows for seamless data transfer to your payroll provider.*

*Must be integrated with ADP, Paycom, Paylocity, Paychex, Fourth, Accudata, or Valiant.


Livewire is a mobile-first analytics suite that brings together all of your sales and labor performance data into one easy-to-use dashboard. Livewire allows managers to receive labor cost breakdowns by category, view top-selling menu items, compare forecasts against real-time sales and labor costs, and view sales data across the enterprise or by location. Plus, Livewire gives you the ability to receive live compliance alerts for breaks and overtime and visualize detailed sales performance data for employees.

               Team Scheduling

Reduce weekly scheduling time by up to 62% and increase staff accountability with Team Scheduling. TeamLive’s mobile scheduling module puts scheduling in your staff’s pocket, enhancing communication and improving responsiveness by significantly reducing managers’ scheduling time.  When using TeamLive to schedule your workforce, each of your employees will have their specific wages calculated in real time, saving you up to 2% on annual labor costs. Managers can easily duplicate schedules and create recurring shifts and reusable templates to make scheduling faster and easier. POS integration enables you to align staff schedules with real-time sales activity to optimize sales, customer experience, and labor productivity.

                                                                    Team Communication

How much time do you spend trying to reach your staff? TeamLive’s social communication platform makes it easy to share shift details and daily updates with your entire organization and manage requests on a mobile-friendly platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry. The Team Communication platform incorporates tools and behaviors with a consumer-minded set of features including a team wall, instant messaging, and the ability to share dynamic content such as articles, images, and emojis.





With its extensive resource scheduling tools, dynamic collaboration features, and real-time labor cost reporting—all wrapped in an elegantly intuitive design—TeamLive helps you focus on what matters most: your team.

We can help take your team management to the next level. Get in touch with a Harri talent specialist today to learn more!


New facial-recognition time clock completes first phase of cutting-edge SaaS solutions to workforce management in hospitality

New York, NY - April 3, 2017: Today, Harri Technologies announced the release of TeamLive, an end-to-end workforce management solution designed for the hospitality industry. In an industry faced with rapid technology and regulatory change, Harri is introducing TeamLive to ensure that the future success of a hospitality organization  will be driven by their ability to increase productivity and revenues through smart management, risk reduction and actionable insights.

TeamLive was designed to provide value for the entire spectrum of hospitality business stakeholders by consolidating up to 10 operational systems into a single, mission-critical platform, including instant team communications, team scheduling overlaid with labor costs and live sales performance data, providing operators with greatly enhanced profit visibility.  Streamed collection and analysis of data takes employee performance to new levels of intelligence and industry relevance. In addition, TeamLive includes a revolutionary, app-based time clock that uses biometric facial recognition to track employees hours, eliminating wage theft while also enhancing team communications and compliance.

“The ability to track employee time precisely, monitor and optimize workplace culture, and make data-driven decisions is a game-changer for managers and operator.”, said Harri founder and CEO Luke Fryer. “But what we are most proud of in TeamLive is its ability to engage all employees - including those with language or technical challenges - in the operational heartbeat of the business. In hospitality, employee adoption is a real  issue, so we’re proud to have created an easy and simple platform that the workforce will actually use and love.”

Workforce management software is not new to the hospitality industry and while many solutions exist, most only address a single problem like scheduling, team communications or time management. Since launching in 2013 as a talent acquisition platform, Harri has listened to its  customers requests for deeper functionality and the industry's demand for a fully integrated end to end solution, which TeamLive now provides.  

“Not only does the workforce of a hospitality group create the experience that keeps customers coming back, but that workforce also accounts for an average of 32% of revenue and is the largest single cost line,” said Luke Fryer, Harri Founder and CEO. “We are providing our customers with a broader and richer set of data than ever before. This enables both hiring and operational decisions to be made from a single platform.”

The launch of TeamLive comes on the heels of a partnership with ADP which sees Harri’s suite of hospitality-specific recruitment and workforce management tools integrated into ADP Workforce Now®, ADP’s leading HCM platform for mid-sized businesses.  

To learn more about TeamLive, visit www.harri.com/teamlive.


Harri is a platform built to help the hospitality industry source, hire and manage their employees more effectively and efficiently. As it is becoming increasingly expensive to find, hire, keep, pay, train and manage staff, Harri reduces overall labor management costs by ensuring our clients get the right people in the right roles and then maximizes their employees performance and efficiency. Harri clients include many of the world’s leading hospitality companies and are well distributed across the industry from premium QSR to fine dining and hotels. Clients span the USA and UK markets and include top operators such as CAVA Grill, Nando's Peri Peri, TAO Group, Chef Jose Andrea’s ThinkFoodGroup, Chef Michael White’s Altamarea Group, Morgan’s Hotel Group, Chef Andrew Carmelini’s NoHo Hospitality Group, The Savoy Hotel London and Shake Shack. Harri is headquartered in New York City.  Learn more at www.harri.com.



Harri and ADP Team Up to Help Hospitality Businesses Find and Keep the Best Talent

Staff turnover tops 70% in the hospitality sector, driving new need for streamlined HR solutions

New ADP Marketplace app can greatly reduce hiring costs and hiring time

(03/27/17 - New York): For the first time since the ‘Great Recession’, staff turnover rates for the Leisure-and-Hospitality sector topped 70 percent. This means that bars, hotels and restaurants are having to recruit and train an almost entirely new workforce every year, placing a huge burden on HR departments and driving up profit-squeezing administrative costs.

To help keep costs down while freeing-up HR teams’ time, companies should look to consolidate their Human Capital Management (HCM) and recruitment systems. Through a new integration between Harri and ADP® clients in the hospitality industry are able to do just that.

Harri’s suite of hospitality-specific recruitment and workforce management tools has been integrated into ADP Workforce Now®, ADP’s leading HCM platform for midsized businesses. In combining the two offerings, the companies have created a one-stop-shop solution that gives clients full control and visibility over every stage of the employee’s lifecycle: from recruitment, onboarding, employment, to retirement.

Harri’s solution has already been shown to help greatly reduce companies’ hiring costs. In one case study, the Altamarea Group’s hiring expenses fell by 48 percent and its time to hire fell by 68 percent.ii Now, with a combined Harri and ADP solution, HR teams will stand to achieve even greater efficiencies by no longer spending time coordinating independent systems or moving complex and sensitive employee data between them.

Once ADP Workforce Now clients download the Harri app from the ADP® Marketplace, a cloud-based app store designed to help employers manage an ecosystem of enterprise applications from ADP, they will also benefit from:

  • Seamlessly onboarding new hires to payroll: As new employees are hired and on-boarded, organizations can send employee records to ADP directly with a single click.

  • Reducing data errors with employee data sync: With automatic syncing between Harri and ADP platforms, clients can fluidly manage employee information.

  • Eliminating unneeded systems: Harri’s app can perform the functions of as many as 10 different recruitment and talent management systems, meaning ADP Workforce Now clients can reduce the number of independent solutions they use.  

“In the hyper-competitive hospitality industry, finding and keeping great talent is more important than ever,” said Luke Fryer, CEO and founder of Harri. “By combining our solution with ADP Workforce Now, we’re giving operators and HR professionals access to tools that will fundamentally change the way they find, hire and manage talent, while still having direct access to their payroll and benefits system of record.”

NoHo Hospitality Group has already adopted the combined Harri and ADP solution across its 10 properties of more than 1,100 employees. Kelly Perkins, Director of HR for NoHo Hospitality Group, said: “The Harri and ADP platform has streamlined all of our HR related activities while saving us time and money. Our new hires and employees actually enjoy interacting with the digital onboarding system, which eliminates manual entry and the inevitable errors that come with it. Our managers appreciate the transparency and access to information that this integrated solution has provided.”

Additional restaurant and hospitality groups that have leveraged the unified Harri and ADP solution include Nando’s, CAVA, Mercer Street Hospitality and ThinkFoodGroup.

“The realities of rising wages and higher staff turnover have become mission-critical issues for hospitality businesses,” said Don Weinstein, ADP chief strategy officer. “Our integration with Harri enables businesses with a single HR platform to access workforce data, securely integrate other applications, and utilize developer resources to enhance their existing solutions, so they can correct underlying inefficiencies and ultimately succeed.”  

i Bureau of Labor Statistics

ii Altamarea Group Savings Case Data                              

About Harri

Harri provides the most comprehensive suite of tools to help companies attract, discover and connect with the best talent for their needs. Their platform features extensive scheduling and real-time collaboration tools that simplify the labor management process and boosts its overall effectiveness while empowering hospitality companies to discover, interview, hire and onboard new employees on a single, intuitive platform. To learn more about Harri, visit www.harri.com

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