UK Landing, Harksmoor. Scheduling Enhancements

We have pushed the following features/enhancements live today: 

  • Team Scheduling and Communication: 
    • Bug fixes and performance enhancements 
  • UK Landing Page: 
    • Removed the jobs link from the header and the right (hamburger) menu.
  • Hawksmoor requests (mainly for Pete and Lisa):
    • Custom Job post message
      • We have changed the message to be "[Group name/Parent name] is looking for [Position] for their [Child property] location". 
        • In other words it will say for example "Hawksmoor group is looking for a host/hostess for their Hawksmoor Knightsbridge location".
      • Changing this "message" is now a service - we have enabled it for Hawksmoor. To enable the service for other customers:
        • Go to our Admin site
        • Click edit services
        • Add UK job message service
        • The message at the top of our signup funnel (QR) will change as the message above. 
    • Onboarding column
      • We have removed the Onboarding column from our AMS and kept the offer column. 
      • Enabled on Hawksmoor account. 
      • We have added this option to our document sets (select "United Kingdom Minimized" document set and this will remove the onboarding column and keep the offer). 

lease let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.