Scheduling Fixes, Landing pages, UK Currency, Team.Live Position Update

Hi team, 


We have pushed the following changes, enhancements and features live today: 

  • Team Scheduling 
    • Bug fixes and performance enhancements (including the negative value in labor cost)
    • Views (Person (daily and weekly) views, Position (daily and weekly) views, Week view with ability to edit schedule & shifts) 
    • Employee availability on mobile
  • Mainly for marketing
    • Added Harri header (top nav bar) to all Instapage/marketing pages
    • UK landing page
    • Case study landing page (link)
  • Mainly for AMs and Pete
    • Hawksmoor Job template drop-down issue (fixed scrolling on windows using IE browser)
    • Change currency to GBP instead of USD
    • UK landing page (I have mentioned it in the marketing section as well).
    • Added new positions to Team.Live:
      • Under Management Category:
        • In Store Trainers
        • Head Office
        • Bookings Coordinator
        • Operations
        • Trainee Duty Manager 
        • Trainee General Manager  
        • Duty Manager
      • Under FOH Category: 
        • Trainees

lease let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.