Privacy, permissions, and more...

We have pushed the following features and enhancements live: 

  • Employers with "Privacy Shield" enabled will have a branded experience that includes the following (Hawksmoor requests): 
    • Hide Harri main nav header for new candidates
    • Brand "Congrats/Thank you" modal on application submission.
    • Remove "References" from job application.
    • Branded emails (Plain text, white-background and powered by Harri)
    • Job posts published via the Job distributor will direct to business profile page instead of job post landing page - This will be released with Job Distributor early next week. 
  • Permissions flow (v1)
    • 2 Permissions (view docs and screen candidates)
    • Users with Screen candidates permission will not be able to view My Docs and the AMS will not have the Offer and Onboarding columns.
    • How to access it:
      • Under settings and in "User management" section we have added a checkbox labelled "View docs" - by default un-selected for new users.
        • All existing users/admins have the view docs permission enabled.  
      • Only primary user can change the value of this checkbox
      • When this checkbox is selected, the user can view docs, offer and onboarding columns. 
  • Blackhouse Hospitality Custom form (waive meals periods)
  • Message Center enhancements:
    • Enable Copy & Paste on Message center and chat box
    • Show 4 lines in the chat view within the SpeedyScreen with ability to expand the view from the bottom right corner.
    • Message center loading issue

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.