Payroll Permissions, Access Rights, JD Parent/Child, Improvements

We have pushed the following enhancements/features live today: 

  • New features
    • Payroll permission/access right
      • Altamarea group needs to grant some admins the ability to send employees to payroll while other admins should not be able to do so. 
      • We have added a new access right (just like viewing OB docs) under users management within Settings. 
      • Only primary user/admin can grant this access to admins
      • When a user/admin is added (new admins) will not have this access right (disabled by default).
      • This feature is available to all TTS customers and can be accessed under users management. 
      • AM team: You can now update Altamrea and enable it to their provided admins or educate them about it. 
    • Hawksmoor and Foxlow Premium Employer Profile (PEP)
      • Hawksmoor PEP link
      • Foxlow PEP link
      • Zac: please update Alison. 
    • Job Distributor Parent/child posting
      • This feature was requested by Hawksmoor (Alison). She needs to block JD actions on child properties and enable it only on the parent level. That said, she should be able to post on child properties while JD is disabled on those locations. 
      • We have created this feature (available to all customers) - Parent can post on child properties even JD is not activated on child locations but activated on Parent level. 
      • Zac: We have activated this to Hawksmoor - please update Alison. 
  • Improvements
    • Added DC, Maryland and Virginia states withholding docs to Nando's new locations
    • Added Chicago link under locations on homepage
    • Removed Harri jobs from job social sharing copy for privacy shield customers (requested by Hawksmoor). 
    • OMIS: 
      • We are working on lots enhancements (OAF 1 and 2) that requires adding HTTPS to OMIS URL. So, we have updated the link to access OMIS - please follow up this link starting from today
      • Niveen: please update your team.  
    • Interview reminders:
      • Removed 8 AM SMS reminder in day of interview as requested by the Deepak. 

lease let me know if you need any further information.