OMIS Release

Good morning team, 

The new OMIS-SFDC flow is live now and sales leads will be pushed automatically from OMIS to salesfoce every Sunday morning. 

The release includes the following features/changes:

  • Leads instead of opportunities.
  • Leads are now doors not job posts (the handling is happening in the background to keep the same experience for the marketing operation team). 
  • High volume is not part of the scoring matrix and will not be pushed as duplicates to SFDC.
  • Unqualified leads will be pushed back to the operation team to handle them (a new basked is added to the OMIS interface labelled as "Need more investigation").
  • Only qualified leads will be pushed to SFDC based on the FIT score. 
  • High volume will also affect the status of the lead if closed/rejected. Will activate/re-open the lead and update the information as well. 

Please let me know if you need any further information.