Employer Functionality

Good morning team and happy Monday,
We have pushed the following features/enhancements live today:

  • Interview, Manifest, offer letter and onboarding emails communication
    • Emails are sent to the door/brand communication email instead of door admin unless there are no communication email defined.
  • People search (position matching)
    • We are doing position matching without showing/displaying/sorting based on relevance.
    • When you select “Bartender” from the position filter, all results will have a bartender experience
  • Profile image cropping enhancement and fix on Mobile
    • There was an issue with profile images coming from mobile devices (the black border) – it’s now fixed.
  • Removed Tips Policy from our standard onboarding documents set.
  • Removed mobile app promotion from the onboarding funnel:
    • If the candidate is coming via the onboarding funnel (new or/and existing) we will not promote our JS app to assure there is no broken flow.
  • Fixed the “Hire” button issue on the “non-candidates” dashboard when onboarding existing employees.

Please let me know if you need any further information.