Doc sets and... wait... Media stretching? Is it my birthday?


We have pushed the following improvements and features live today: 


  • Illinois Document Set
  • New Jersey Document Set
  • Nevada Document Set
  • Georgia Document Set
  • Florida Document Set
  • Offer of Commuter Benefits Form (NY Only)
  • Waiver of Group Insurance Plan (All States)


  • Media Stretching Fix (we have added cover cropping tool
    • Career Portal Cover Photo
    • Business Profile Cover Photo
    • Members' Cover Photo
    • Media Library/Gallery  
  • I-9 enhancements:
    • Employers will be able to upload documents in the review process. 
    • Employers will be able to change the document/attachment list in the review process.
    • Employers will be able to write their own notes when there is a missing or wrong info. in the review process and send it back to the employee. 
  • Ability to review and e-sign documents from the employee card within "My Docs"
  • Manifest (Interview Scheduler):
    • Sync to Employers' Calendar (Outlook and iCal)
    • Added Candidate phone number
    • Added the message "The most successful interview processes are those that are more personalized. We STRONGLY recommend calling the applicants below to ensure a higher show rate". 
  • Non-candidates (walk in/side door) Privacy Shield:
    • Employees onboarded via our side door (non-candidates dashboard) will not receive the following: 
      • Daily candidates email (C-101)
      • BWNL
      • CCRM email
      • QRAB email
    • Privacy shield will be deactivated on termination. 
  • SSL Extended validation installed - which means we are more secure 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.